15 Objects designed for lefties that we can save you a lot of discomfort

Only people who are left-handed you know how hard it is to use some everyday objects designed for right-handed use. In the past, to them, there was no choice but to get used to it, despite suffering some discomfort. But now, thanks to the innovations and new technologies, there are several artifacts focused on this percentage of the population.

In Great.guru we have compiled for you the objects that most problems they have been given to left-handed people, but packaged specifically for them. All items can be purchased through the links to Amazon that appear linked in each text.

1. Can opener

For left-handed people, to use this device is a real nightmare, because its mechanism is designed for right-handed use. If you find yourself with this problem often and do not want any tin you resist, since there are door openers, specially designed for you.

2. Pen or ballpoint pen ergonomic

The lefties can’t make the pens work well, as these are ready to be dragged down by the paper towards the right side. Therefore, the ink does not flow, and the pen is cut off while typing. However, now you have the possibility to acquire pens special for them, so they will avoid those annoying problems.

3. Computer mouse

For the left-handed, the mouse buttons are swapped, and, in addition, its ergonomics is only convenient for right-handed people. Currently, they have already invented a mouse special for left-handed people, whose form and buttons are adapted to be used by the left hand.

4. Scissors

If a left-hander tries to cut with scissors, common, in addition to be uncomfortable, you may not do so well by the position of the cutting edge. Now there are special ones, whose edge is located just on the opposite side to the usual.

5. Notebooks

If these have spiral, they are really uncomfortable for the person, as this digs into the hand when writing. And although it does not have that feature, drain the ink, because they pass their hand over this. The solution has already arrived, and did so in the form of notebooks for left-handers, in addition to having no spiral, have a role made especially for the ink not to run.

6. Peeler

Like other cutting tools, the blade of the peeler is placed specifically to be used by right-handed, and the left side has no cutting edge. But currently, there are peelers with rotating blade, that can be used for both left-handed as right-handed.

7. Keyboard

The number keys are on the right normally, so a person left-handed you have to cross the hand over the keyboard to type in numerical figures. There are now versions of these devices with a special design for left-handed, in which these buttons problem is found on the left side.

8. Knife

The saw, knife, or sharp part, is designed for right-handed use. Currently there are items that both parties have with edge, so that they can be used by any persons without the slightest problem. In this link you can find one of them.

9. Guitar

A left-hander you need to take the guitar upside down to be able to rip the strings with his left hand. But there are several musical instruments that are designed for these people, for example, this guitar.

10. Rules

Left-handed people, the use of instruments of measurement, have to read measurements upside down. This problem is solved with rules in which numbers are displayed to be read by both left-handed as right-handed.

11. Golf clubs

There are golf clubs adapted for left-handed, since that is not the same as hitting the ball with the right hand than with the left. If you’re a fan of this sport and you suffer from that problem, this stick is perfect for you.

12. Corkscrew

The spiral of the corkscrew is placed for the right-handed can uncover bottles with no problems, but the lefties will cost much more to use these utensils, and it is that the mechanism is not designed to turn upside down. In this link you can find one of those artifacts perfect for left-handed people.

13. Measuring cup

In the measuring cups basic, you only see the action if the subject with the left hand and you throw the amount with the right. If you’re left-handed, as you can’t flip the whole arm, it is best to choose a in which the numbers appear on both sides. We have found a model perfect for those people.

14. Sharpener

The blade of the sharpener is sharpened only on the right side, which is the site towards which you move the pencils right-handed. But, at present, there are artifacts of this type left-handed.

15. Desktop assistant for computer

The majority of the desktops auxiliary for your laptop computer is made up of two parts: a larger one for you to support the engine, and another smaller one for the mouse, which is located on the right side. The desktop that we have searched is ready for the person to change out the piece that supports the hand to the work.

Did you even know these products? Do you know of others that can make life easier on a person left-handed? It tell us!

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