15 People who showed a lot of imagination in creating names for their wireless networks

There are people who get creative when creating names for your Wifi networks, as if it were a whole branch of art. Others, however, use this option to communicate with their neighbors (which, in general, they fall ill). And also there are individuals that seek to be original in everything.

Great.guru brought together examples of points of Wifi that you might not find in an ordinary house.

When your neighbors are very original

“I see this every time I go to the residence of students of the faculty of philology”

“My neighbor put this name to your Wifi. All would be well if, in addition, it did not have the habit of talking to himself…”

“I was just in a coffee shop and I decided to connect to the Internet”

“We conducted a dialogue in our house”

When someone saw too many tv series

So there are no misunderstandings!

Another message to a neighbor

And one more

When you like a song and want to immortalize it somehow

Yes, I also want that will go very well with mine

“I was using Wifi in the street and suddenly…”

When you live with historians

And with literature lovers

Do your neighbors have a Wifi network with an original name?

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