15 People who are unbeatable to take selfies

The selfies are art. No one can be really in disagreement with this in the age of Snapchat, Instagram and Tinder. But what to do if you have big ambitions and limited means?

Great.guru introduces you to people that are more clever: they are unmatched in the game of selfies.

Something tells me that these holidays we came out very cheap

At least his girlfriend is not jealous. Nor is there

This kitchen is so new that is still in the shop

Two fingers, a couple of filters, and you are already great!

So much alcohol! Oh…

A tv wide + another room = a flat-screen tv

Who needs teeth?

With her guy. That is not discussed much

The hugs are not always tender… sometimes are scary

They are gold, without a doubt

I Czech your trip!

The new Range Rover from 50 Cent

That sweetheart is a darling!

Live from the stadium…

A lot of money

Do you have any photo’s just as clever?

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