15 Trends strange of Instagram that it’s best not to follow

The social networks became a real addiction, as they allow everyone in need to receive huge amounts of attention. But this kind of popularity has a dark side: it is not enough to take a selfie nice to draw attention. Users of social networking submit their bodies to all kinds of challenges to get recognition.

Great.guru selected 15 examples of the more absurd challenges body that have taken over the virtual space.

15. “It reaches the navel”

Like many other trends, this came from China. The slogan is ” put the hand behind the back and reaching to the umbilicus. If you do: bravo! It means that you are a person slender and flexible.

Although this trend was overthrown ruthlessly when people are fairly robust, they began to upload their pictures, demonstrating that they had managed to reach his belly button. That means that to pass the test is enough to be flexible and have long arms.

14. Test on the ideal proportions of the face

This test suggests that only one face of certain features can be considered beautiful. To know if your face is beautiful you have to support a finger on the tip of the nose and the chin. If your lips touch your finger, voila! You are beautiful!

To refute this myth, many beautiful women from all over the world rose photos that showed that his lips not touching the finger. That is to say that, supposedly, could not be considered beautiful.

13. Knees the size of an iPhone

Another crazy test chinese: put on the knees a iPhone 6. If the cap, it means you are smart enough and thin and, consequently, its owner is quite feminine and slender.

12. Pen below the chest

The essence of this test is simple: you have to put under his chest, a pen or other object of similar size. If it holds without any outside help, then your breasts are large enough and firm.

For ethical reasons, it has been used for the photo one of the many examples of parody of the tests on Instagram.

11. “Prayer upside down”

Another difficult challenge for your body: you must bring both hands behind the back and put them together in a gesture of prayer. It is a difficult test of flexibility in a short time became truly viral.

10. The test of the clavicles elegant

Another difficult test which serves to demonstrate the thinness and fragility of women. Put on the clavicles to the maximum amount of coins as possible. The more they are, the better.

9. The bridge of the bikini

This trend became viral with the arrival of summer: had to take a picture to show the space between the panties of the bikini and the belly. That meant that the woman was quite slender. Unfortunately, many women have joined this trend and began to thin abruptly to correspond to an invented and passenger stereotype of beauty.

8. Armpits hairy

Although most of these tests are designed to highlight the femininity and beauty of women, at least one was created to popularize the natural way.

It is a trend very doubtful, however, that is gaining popularity very quickly. It is considered that it is a proof of natural beauty and a liberation of the standards imposed. However, the women that publish these photos, still using makeup and tanning beds and shave their eyebrows, so the trend turned out to be quite rare.

7. Waist of paper

Another test of thinness that conquered the internet. The challenge is easy: place it vertically in front of the waist an A4 sheet of paper in such a way that cover the waist fully.

6. Ribs marked

The fashion to be thin was born in the nineties and continues in force until the day of today. Now caught Instagram, where it became popular with the publication of photos with the ribs marked. Nutritionists warn that this trend may lead women to try to lose weight fast and be the cause of increased cases of anorexia and bulimia.

5. The “crack” of the abdomen

Another trend of the summer season absurd is translated into Spanish as “a crack in the belly“. This trend suggests that a body that is in good physical condition must have a ”crack“ vertically over the navel, which would demonstrate that the time spent in the gym was not lost in vain.

But attempts to get this “crack” in a gym is not the best form of exercise. Doctors do not recommend to dedicate themselves to setting an artificial body, because our bodies are different, and attempts to long and obstinate to create this ”crack” may just be in the nothing.

4. Vacuum, or the “yoga alien”

It is a yoga exercise that consists of a sharp retraction of the abdomen. It is very good for slimming and defining the waist. But it should be done after a long preparation, and not by following a fad. In addition it is contraindicated for people with ulcers or hernias.

3. Corsets for waist

Not too long ago became the fashion of corsets. On the one hand, one chosen correctly can be useful in a gym: helps to reduce the waist and make the stomach muscles to become more firm.

On the other hand, is not a good idea to become obsessed with the use of corset. Can cause heartburn and indigestion and, in the worst case, displacement of the internal organs.

2. Space between thighs

The name of this trend is translated as “a space between the thighs”. Many women, following this fashion, they try to lose weight in such a way that the thighs do not touch at the inner part.

Nutritionists warn: this form of weight loss is detrimental not only to health, but that it is virtually impossible to achieve for most women.

1. “Eyebrows” in the hips

This strange term is given to the folds that form in the hips when you sit. Currently were very fashionable, and now to collect thousands of likes on Instagram, it is sufficient to sit on the floor legs bent. If doing so folds are formed appetizing in the hips, congratulations, you are enough beautiful and your hips are beautiful.

The important thing is not to attempt to combine this tendency with the previous one, since they contradict each other.

Which of these trends was the you most amazed?

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