15 Tricks for users that who knows how they occurred

The Internet is full of all sorts of things, both useful and completely useless and sometimes even dangerous to health. Today, Great.guru shares with you some tricks that is unlikely to be able to facilitate your life, but will surely make you laugh.

If you do not want to spend on baby wipes, here’s a cheaper version

If you sleep in the house of some friends and soon you get hungry in the night, there is a secret compartment in the toasters

If you overheated the computer, nothing happens, remember that there is a simple way to slow it down

It is an excellent solution for a vessel that does not fit in your cup holder

If you do not want burglars to enter your home, every time before you leave, place a honeycomb in front of the door

Apply garlic in the cuts, fresh or burns to intensify the pain immediately

If you need a bookmark for books and you don’t have one, just arráncale the cover and use it

With this trick you will not have to pay again for new lenses never

If you think that your mobile screen is small, try to put it in a glass of water

If you don’t want to wash the dishes, just print a picture of a sink clean, and put it over the dirty dishes

Do you want your drink again dietary? Simply click this asterisk

If you’re tired and you don’t have forces, this is an easy way to feel better

Poking screwdrivers in your tires if you don’t want your car slipping in the winter

Did you broke the lock on the car? There is a solution!

And this is a trick for the girls who don’t want to paint the lips after every meal

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