15 Tricks of life, mind-blowing shared by Internet users

There is nothing that does not make the people when they are in a tight spot: bind, a fork, a hammer or put a picture warning in your wallet. And they are right: life should be easy and enjoyable, so that if difficulties arise, we can always resort to cunning to face them. In reality, this was how the man evolved from the monkeys… Right?

Great.guru wants to share with you some tricks of the Internet users more creative.

“This I do when in my hotel there is a bedside table”

“To save space in the first aid kit home, my wife cut the names of the drugs in the boxes and, together with the instructions, puts them in bags”

“I don’t have hammer tenderizer for meat, so I had to improvise”

“To prevent my laptop from being suspended, I put the mouse over a mechanical watch”

“When I don’t have a coin for the grocery cart, use a wrench”

“My parents made a shelf provisional with two hangers and a board of plywood”

“So that the water does not spill out, filled with molds for ice cubes in the freezer, and use a bottle with a stopper sport that allows me to control the jet”

“I used a rubber band to gather the pens and pencils that don’t use very often. It is now much easier to find everything”

“Take a photo of your luggage before the trip: if you get lost, the image will help in the search”

“Use these lenses to chop onions”

“I keep this photo in the wallet, and when I’m about to spend money on something unnecessary, it prevents me to do so”

“If your laptop was damaged, fix it with a photo frame”

“My uncle taught me the correct way to dip the Oreo cookies in the milk”

“Instead of buying an air freshener again, you echo a few drops of essential oil to the old”

We hope that this will serve as a lesson

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