15 Tricks that will help you to get a saving at the end of each month

It is in periods of economic crisis when we have more awareness about money and saving. We have discovered how with little tricks you can get substantial savings at the end of each month.

In Great.guru put into practice some of the tricks of savings and you share the more efficient we were.

1. Make a budget

See a budget and some goals at the beginning of each month. As in the method of japanese Kakebo, pointing your daily expenses and have them work in categories. Some of the categories can be: fixed expenses indispensable, leisure, culture and extra costs.

2. Analyzes what you offer to the banks

Looking for a bank that does not charge you commissions. Avoid paying by wire transfers, for the maintenance of your a credit card, even for withdrawing money.

3. Not to purchases not planned

Prevents impulse buying. Every time you want to buy something, ask yourself: is it a passing desire or a need? Ask yourself this question and you’ll be amazed at the amount of things you just buy on a whim.

4. Compare rates

Are there any fees that we have no choice, as there are not many similar services in the city. This may be the case of water or light. But there are also those that we can analyze and choose what best suits us (phone, Internet, all types of insurance). To make your life easier, there are web pages that do this for you, an example is Rastreator.

5. Make a list of purchases

Go to the supermarket, always with the list and stick to it. Forget about the temptations, they are just an extra expense.

6. Yes to the seasonal products

Sometimes, we do not consider whether a product is or is not in season. Here you can read about the best months to consume certain fruits and vegetables. You will discover that, in addition to saving, the quality of the product is better.

7. Grow your own products

Normally, there is not much space to have a garden in our own house. If you have an account with that possibility, we encourage you to grow your own vegetables. On the contrary, if you do not have enough space, you can always have window boxes and pots with aromatic plants, tomato plants, carrots.

8. Take your tupperware of food to work

With this idea not only help your pocket but also your health because and eat more healthy. Make a weekly planning of your menus and take advantage of free moments and days you don’t work for cooking. So as to avoid the laziness of cooking on a daily basis and you’ll have always home-cooked food. Remember that many of the dishes can be frozen after having to increase its shelf life.

9. Change your light bulbs by low-consumption

We tend to think that there is not much difference in energy savings between low-energy light bulbs and incandescent bulbs, but are we right? The answer is no. According to some tests carried out, it has been found that the light bulb of low consumption reduces the electricity consumed by approximately 80%.

10. Take advantage of special offers that can only get by buying online

In many cases, the brands decide to offer their products if you buy them online. There are also several pages as Privalia, where every day different brands selling their products at cheaper prices than the physical stores.

11. Use deals and discount coupons

Many times, these are listed on the web page of the product. There are also web pages dedicated to publish offers of various brands such as for example Opportunist, where you will find discount coupons divided by categories and areas.

12. Do not use appliances at half load

If you use appliances at half load, the only thing you get is an unnecessary waste of electricity. If you are going to decant this option, make sure that your appliance has the program to wash or dry only half the load, so you’ll save water, energy and, above all, money.

13. Do not waste water

Sometimes we are not aware of the amount of water we waste and, therefore, the money that we are throwing. Close the faucets while not in use, save water by using the shower instead of taking a bath, or watering with rain water, are a few tips to save you on your monthly water bill.

14. Saves a minimum amount daily

No matter how long it is, any amount is welcome. Imagine saving every day the money from a coffee, there is a great effort and you will get a money which is not described.

15. Use applications that help you manage your economy and will facilitate the planning

There are several applications such as Fintonic, which help you to control your costs and to be aware of where your money is going. See what you spend and what you spend it with a single click, will help you save and manage your economy on a daily basis.

These are just some of the many tricks that we can save it. And you, do you practice any of these tricks? Do you know other that do not appear in the list? It tell us!

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