16 Acts of vandalism funny found in public bathrooms

The vandalism is an act despicable, without doubt. Most of the times you get angry or upset to see something like that. But sometimes you can’t help but laugh because the result of such behavior can be quite funny.

Great.guru found examples of vandalism in public bathrooms that will make you smile instead of be angry. Have you ever seen any of these, or some even more funny?

16. When there was no phones, or Internet… only pencils and your imagination.

15. Choose wisely!

14. Someone has been lying a lot.

13. Your privacy is well protected.

12. I have!! Now what are you going to do?

11. You can rely on this elephant.

10. Be careful, John Connor! Still you are looking for.

9. Some days are hard.

8. What’s your identify?

7. The medusa artist made my day!

6. ¡Entry for potatoes prohibited!

5. Someone always is watching you.

4. It is a vandal very dedicated: he drew, wrote, colored, pasted with glue…

3. How is preparing for a giant hot dog?

2. Oh I dropped an eye out!

1. Don’t mess with this hook.

Have you seen acts of vandalism fun? Share them in the comments.

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