16 Sculptures subtle of all the world created with love

At the University of Nagasaki (Japan) was conducted a research that showed that children, while in still in the womb, as they react to the mood of the mom to look at one or the other film. This verifies once again that we have an inseparable bond with our mothers from the earliest days of our existence.

Great.guru gathered for you some sculptures and monuments from different parts of the world, dedicated to the dearest people in our lives.

Mom and son

St. George, USA

Mom and sons

Salt Lake City, USA

Mom and daughter playing

Salt Lake City, USA

Mother Teresa and a child

North Carolina, USA

Mom always supports you

Important moments with mom

Location unknown.

Hugs from mom are the best place in the world

Salt Lake City, USA

Welcome home

Virginia, USA

The first steps

St. Petersburg, Russia.

Everlasting bond

Location unknown.

Mom and son

Skopje, Macedonia.

Young mother reads to her children

Location unknown.

We are going to fly!

Utah, USA

Always hand in hand

Salt Lake City, USA

The kiss of mother

Beijing, China.

Sometimes it turns out that the love of a mother is hard to express with words, but these feelings live in the heart of each person. When was the last time you told your mom how much you? Or do you prefer to prove it with actions? Share it in the comments.

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