16 Photos you should look carefully, because the clothes of these girls is drawn

Who has not dreamed to prove the look of your favorite character, or maybe do something to shock people? And then remember their surprised faces, and laughing. The artist body-art, Jen helps her clients to realize their fantasies, to paint their bodies with colors.

Great.guru chose for you some of the looks the more interesting of his collection. Would you like to be in the place of one of their models?

The artist Jen


Crop top

Wedding dress

She painted her pretty model Joy Jewel with a wedding dress complicated with sequins.

Themed parties

He also painted a dress for the small event PUFF 2017 of the media in Washington, DC.

This magical living sculpture was made in collaboration with Storytime Media: a media company dedicated to telling stories via photos and videos.

Holiday outfit

Jen creates many of his works of body-art in collaboration with media projects local and all happy to work with her.

Body-art for the sports event “Go Orioles!”.


This type of extraordinary services ordered to Jen for advertising in the streets and all kinds of promotions and attraction of customers. Get inspired!

Fantasy floral

Here Jen is painted itself, it looks like a body fitting.

More models of Jen

“Píntame as one of your models”, with these orders come new clients to Jen. And, apparently, are very satisfied.

Walks through a shopping mall

Jen along with her daughter painted these models for 3 hours to create an outfit that is fall nice. In addition to the sequins, scarves, and cap, the girls are naked.

“Walk around a mall to see if people reacted. It was pretty interesting,” says Jen.

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