16 Stories of the 2017 show that there is still a hope for humanity

Although there are experiences really negative, we cannot say that there are no good people in this world. Apparently, the good stories have not been positioned very much in the covers during this year.

In Great.guru decided to fill this void and we find 16 short stories, each of which can serve as a hope for the future.


His father died of cancer when I was 16 years old, but before he died he organized that will deliver flowers to his daughter every year on her birthday. In this photo we can see the bouquet and the card that she received at the age of 21.


“I found a wallet lost in 1963. I needed 15 years to give his owner, however for the moment I met him, he had already died. Here is what I made the family with which he had returned.”


“My mom is in the hospital and already goes for a week without being able to eat by itself. Despite this, I found a way to agasajarla with turkey the Day of thanksgiving. It was weeks not seeing her smiling so much as that day.”


“Not me I could stay, but I also couldn’t leave you to freeze in the street.”


This pitbull not want to leave the hostel without the chihuahua which was defending. The new owner had no choice but to accept the two puppies.


“The young lady I made the connection to the Internet asked me if I could take the old children’s game that I had saved in the back yard. I was very happy to get rid of this. A little bit after you sent me the picture of your final work (all hand made). My respect for this boy.”


“A stranger gave your builder to this woman, whose father was connected to an oxygen tube. People help other people. I love my state for this.”


“My 7 year old daughter has Down syndrome. Each time you draw a person, a firm that is his dad. I kept all their pictures and made a collage super special for Father’s Day. Even though they may not express themselves with words, find other ways to tell your dad how much you love them.”


“She died, the turtle is my cousin. He made a grave, put the cross and dressed so that no-one has helped you. My uncle discovered when the ceremony was already finished”.


“I won a dinner for two people in Las Vegas and I took her to Todd. Todd doesn’t have a home of their own.”


“In two years I lost about 135 pounds. Yesterday I met with the dietóloga that made me believe in myself and to recover my health. His gaze speaks better than any word.”


“Today my father and I went to a store to look for a laptop. The salesman that was helping us was one of the patients of my dad, who is a pediatrician, when I was a child. When we were in the checkout line, we saw another former patient of yours. I am very proud of what my father did”.


“We have a tradition me and my girlfriend. Each year, we’re going to the fair of saplings and you will find the most ugly to take home. In this photo it appears the winner of this year”.


“Today my wife donated a kidney”.


“22 years of difference. We returned to one of the places of our childhood and we realized that the trunnions by the side of our old house remained in its place. But the tree itself had grown a lot.”


“In his first and last day of first year. Beat cancer”.

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