16 Images true that will show you the other side of the tourist attractions

If you are planning a trip, as best as you savour the moment of seeing the columns of Stonehenge, or take a picture on some lonely beach in Spanish. In reality, it can all be so different.

In Great.guru decided to unmask the tourist attractions and to show what frustration could be waiting for you to any tourist.

Fly in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia

Balloons of different colors flying over the giant mountains without a cloud in the sky. All we have already seen these incredible pictures and we all want to even once be able to admire this beauty live. In reality not everything is so beautiful and romantic.

The Louvre museum

The high museum of art is beautiful not only inside but also outside, no one is going to discuss with the exception of the tourists that have been there.

Cathedral of Milan

This is the gothic cathedral of Milan! In it you can enjoy a view long-lasting. Only in the event that you do not push down and you to cover the view of those who value the beauty.

Zlatni Rat, Croatia

Surrounded on one side by forest and on the other by the sea. The beach with the gold sand can not be unwanted. Only advise you to take a single piece of Zlatni Rat at dawn.


If you plan to reflect on the engima of how it was built Stonehenge directly there, then we have to warn you immediately that you will not be able to listen to your thoughts.

Walk of fame of Hollywood

In reality, in the walk of fame the stars do not ride the Hollywood actors as we would like to believe. Exclusively walking crowds of tourists, entertainers and people of Los Angeles.

Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel cannot compare with a pie cherry for tourists. It takes you to lose your sanity due to her beauty and the great crowd that you’ll find inside, since the ticket costs only 33 USD. For this price these masterpieces add to that the tourists and the flashing constant of the cameras.

Yellowstone national park

The lakes, the rivers, the canyons, caves and geysers. According to the description of the Yellowstone national Park, is a paradise for introverts. In reality sometimes for them it is better not to visit him.

Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai

The popular photographs of two kilometers of beach are seen in this way, as if they could take sun exclusively millionaires. In reality at Jumeirah Beach Residence can enjoy free use of anyone and this is the result.

House of Juliet, Verona

Do you remember the hero full of inspiration from the movie: “Letters to Juliet”? The museum of the legend romantic, and the tangible symbol of love in reality are not seen as in Hollywood, but still inspiring.

Temple of Kukulkan

Mysteriously preserved among the ruins of the Mayan city is the Temple of Kukulkan, which really kept the spirit of their times. But this feeling what you need to share with a large group of travelers.

Temple in Rangoon, Burma

The great spiritual edifice of Myanmar is a temple that seemed to come from the dreams brighter reality. Tourists from all over the planet enjoy its beauty in any state: vigorous, exhausted, peaceful.

Spanish beach Lloret de Mar

Solar rays warm, a wind freso and light and the refreshing breeze of the sea. Is this all that is needed to be happy, when one is in one of the best beaches in Spain? You probably need to have a little more empty places.

Mount Rushmore

The presidents of the U.S. are serious, focused and prepared to the calls more difficult in life. But, if you get away a couple of meters and you look at these portraits again, all the impressions disappear.

Hitachi Seaside Park

The park Hitachi is a canvas alive with deep colors that load of positive energy, even to the tourist sad. At best, therefore, their paths curved walking peacefully, a crowd of tourists.

The most brilliant one of the best masterpieces of the genre of portraiture in the Italian Renaissance, is already more than 5 centuries having that popularity. Sometimes you have too much attention.

Despite the fact that there is likely to disappoint the following cultural monument, tourist, travel, and enjoy these moments at the same time it is something vital. Have you seen any of these tourist sites in vivo? I Compártenos your printing!

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