16 Occasions in which the on-line shopping turned out to be something very cruel

Some prefer to do shopping online for their comfort and to avoid stress. Others prefer buying in stores for your safety and quality assurance. And there is a special group of people who know from personal experience that the on-line shopping can be extremely fun.

Great.guru brought together the best examples of a time when online purchases were found to be too cruel. Have you ever bought something as well?

16. “What you see is what you get… literally!

15. It is just a matter of perception!

14. What complaints? Our work is created by artists! And the artists never create the same piece twice!

13. A little bit of imagination and your order will appear 100% successful!

12. I ordered: boots

I got: high heels

11. It seems that they sent the version of the ugly sister!

10. Do you see? The loss of hair can ruin lives.

9. Cannot blame anyone else if the advertisement clearly said “chair for children”.

8. To be honest, no one should buy or the original version.

The sweater original says “toilet full”, the other shows a child with a diaper full. Who will have occurred and why?

7. Just look after your waist line: a one-size-smaller = less food.

6. Promotion of the month: I Ordered a ukulele is blue and receives a bow!

5. Watch where you put your gloves!

4. Ups, we forgot the belt. But the rest is perfect, right?

3. It was a long journey. Just dropped a bit of weight.

2. You only need to go up a few pounds and you will see you precious!

1. At least my cat will have a backpack!

Do your purchasing online was once different from what you had ordered? Share your photos in the comments.

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