16 Evidence that the DNA does not work exactly as we were taught in school

Is it true that you can create the perfect man and even to clone a dinosaur? What are chimeras and why it is not so easy to send the twins to jail? Even if you haven’t missed a single lesson of the biology class, there is always something that you can surprise.

Great.guru has collected almost twenty new data on how to operate the DNA. At the end of this article I expected a bonus: how to separate and see more closely the DNA of strawberries at home.

16. Just 1 gram of DNA includes 215 million gigabytes of information

15. We are a 65% bananas and a 95% chimpanzee

14. What makes it different to all the people of the world is stored in a 0.01% DNA

According to recent discoveries, the individuals are identical at 99.9% in terms of DNA. On the one hand, that only goes to show us that we are all brothers and sisters. On the other, so only the 0.01% is what makes us unique: determines the color of eyes, musical preferences, and even the habit of always arrive late.

13. In the interior of the cells are produced per day up to 10 thousand lesions in DNA. But we are able to replace the damaged parts by new ones.

12. The mutation is a normal phenomenon in the development of the DNA

Under the influence of an external environment, or internal, appears, the mutation in the DNA. The majority of scientists consider it as an error in the functioning of the DNA. Others estimate it as an evolution as scheduled. So, the human that had once expanded to the north, with the time obtained blue eyes and white skin.

We do not stop. Recently it was discovered that some people have a mutated gene that slows down markedly the process of aging.

11. Smoking causes mutations and as a result of these, appear the cancer cells

10. We are 8% of the remains of the virus that existed on the planet for 50 million years

9. Genetic engineering is the surgery of the TWENTY-first century. Even adults can be treated for cancer, HIV, and recapture your youth.

The change of genes is one of the ways to “refresh” the body and run certain programs, even in an adult organism: the areas of damaged DNA can be repaired, so as to these can be added to these genes are unusual in other organisms. Scientists hope thereby to find a cure for HIV, cancer and other diseases.

8. To create the perfect man not just about good genes. Everything is decided by the environment and the conditions.

7. We can clone a mammoth or a beloved pet, but it is very unlikely that we will get a new “Jurassic Park”

6. The chimeras really exist: they are animals whose body is home to different DNA

5. The DNA of the twins does not match 100%. And this creates serious difficulties for the police.

4. The woman knows how to find by the smell of the man whose DNA is the most suitable

3. To keep his virginity for 30 million years, this body steals the foreign DNA

These rotifers are completely asexual. To multiply, including in its DNA the genes of organisms that have been eaten (from animals to plants, fungi, and bacteria) without intimate contact.

No other agency is able to do something similar. Therefore, the stories of a woman who acquires and keeps in its body the DNA of all their sexual partners and then passing on to their children, is nothing more than a myth.

2. A person can hold a different set of chromosomes. And it is unlikely that you know to be tested.

A huge number of people is a carrier of a rare combination of chromosomes. For example, one out of every thousand women has, at once, three X chromosomes. These are perfectly healthy. Probably have a difference in your appearance, but barely noticeable.

The syndrome XYY (or “syndrome súperhombre”) is detected in one of every thousand men. They are often impulsive and emotionally immature. One 500 to 700-boys newborn home to the XXY syndrome. These people have a high waist, long legs, tall and, often, the mammary glands of higher volumes.

1. The caviar and the wine also go a DNA test to confirm their origin

Bonus: how to distinguish the DNA from strawberries at home

  1. Put a bottle of medicinal alcohol in the freezer. In a glass, pour 90 milliliters of water.
  2. Add 10 mililtros of dishwashing detergent and 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Removes the content in the container to dissolve the salt.
  3. Take a plastic bag zip lock, put on it a strawberry and added to the solution obtained above.
  4. Loose all the air possible from the bag, zip closed and crush the strawberry into the solution.
  5. To the purée, pass it through a sieve into a glass. Of this cup, pass it to another and add 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol chilled.

Ready! The foam viscose that is formed on the surface of this liquid, it is the isolated DNA of the strawberry!

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