16 Testing of the logic in the game works according to its own laws

The video games of today, on the one hand, striving for the greatest possible realism and, on the other, suffer from acts of inexplicable characters and cause and effect relationships are unpredictable. With time, every person who has played even a couple of times a computer game, you build up some examples of his strange logic. Some of them only cause laughter and confusion, but others are able to cause a real attack of nerves.

Great.guru has compiled 16 examples of the logic of the developers of games that it is impossible to understand.

1. Everything according to the recipe

2. It is because it is more interesting!

3. When you find a professional one

4. A huge wad of bills

A lot of money

16 USD

5. It is nice to feel like the protagonist

6. Set of toy “Ármame yourself”

7. It is better not to mess with him


Soup spoon of Ysgramor

Weight 0.5 Value 3

8. “Good day, officer! How goes the work? And what about the children?”

9. What is so weird?

10. Citizens attentive

11. Is that among developers there were members of Greenpeace

12. Looking is not forbidden

13. When the color you choose

14. It is because you are not yet ready to see what is hidden behind it

15. There are flowers and flowers

16. The male version and female heavy armor

What will you do with what contradictions fun you’ve found in games? Share in the comments.

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