16 Situations when people are confused and made everybody laugh

All have been in a distressing situation when you confuse something. Usually, it is quite unpleasant. But sometimes in that moment it is impossible not to laugh.

Great.guru has collected cases so much fun, you will gladden the day.

1. Black cat

A man was worried by the change in the behavior of his pet and decided to consult with a veterinarian who diagnosed anxiety and prescribed medicines for 130 USD. But neither the man nor the doctor knew that it was another animal, that only looked like the pet of the man. It was discovered when his own cat deigned to return home after a long absence. Who was the “imposter” in black that looked after our protagonist for a long time? Perhaps the man should pay greater attention. One day a neighbor came to him in search of her cat, black disappeared. “Sorry, friend, in my home alone is my cat”, ” the man replied without any suspicion.

2. The alarm clock

“Now I understand why my alarm clock didn’t go off at 9.30”.

3. A vietnamese man of low stature

In the conference of entrepreneurs in Vietnam, there was a bewilderment that involved the baroness british Michelle Mone. After his speech before an audience of 3 thousand people, a vietnamese man of 22 years of very low stature came to the stage to deliver a bouquet of flowers to the founder of the lingerie brand. And she… she took him in his arms, because he thought it was a child.

4. Legoland

Apparently, the 2-year old boy was confused by the multitude of toys in Legoland with living people.

5. Imprisonment

Ross Lebeau, 24 years old, spent 3 days in custody for literally nothing. It turned out that the police mistook meth with cat litter. After stopping the car in Ross, the police found in old sock a certain substance that seemed forbidden. In fact, in this way, Lebeau protected the windows of the car of the condensed water.

6. The door

I bought a door in the dismantling. I placed this and I was surprised.

7. Cookies

That is what can happen when you test in the culinary arts in a state of intoxication.

8. Shoes

“I realized that something was wrong when I got my job.” At least the color is the same.

9. Docking station

“My brother complained that his docking station in the car was not working, only he was scratching the screen of the iPhone. I asked him if he had done everything right and asked that I send you a photo”.

10. Sugar

It makes Me ill buy oats and that in the container in place of the rice with the peas.

11. Sydney

The boy wanted to visit the sunny Australia and is found in Canada covered in snow, in shorts and with the baggage of the summer. How did it happen? Is that the Dutch Milan Shipper bought a plane ticket to Sydney wrong. It turns out that in North America there is a city with the same name. He began to suspect that something was wrong when his plane from Amsterdam landed in Toronto, where I was going to have a transfer.

12. Cup of coffee

Sometimes in a cup of coffee one can see your name in an unexpected version.

13. History of a photo

This well-known photo was due to the fact that the mother of the child mistook the Day of the Pajamas and on the day of the photography annual. The child of course is not very pleased with the fact that being photographed in a clothes to sleep with Sponge Bob.

14. White dog

A woman named Terry lives with a dog, Dew, purebred Jack Russell Terrier, who at times, frightened by fireworks, runs away and is lost. One day Terry saw in social networks a message that said that two stray dogs walked through the city. She didn’t know exactly where I was his pet and if he had not escaped again. Therefore, he sent a photo of one of the dogs to their son asking if Dew was in the house. The guy was very disoriented, because the dog in the photo even remotely looked like their little Dew, but more well it was like a big polar bear. The guy told on Twitter about his mother, who did not know how you see your dog and a wide-ranging impact helped these two lost animals to return to their homes.

15. Italy

When in a short period of time visits too many cities and countries, it is easy to confuse the tourist attractions and stop to understand what is happening. Does rome or Pisa? It doesn’t matter. What is essential is that it is Italy.

16. Graduation

An English girl posted on her Twitter a video that his father made at his graduation. This amused her daughter. “My father was filming another girl mistaking it with me.”

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