17 Things that we’ve all heard mention of, but few have seen

In the world there are many things that we have never seen, and this is what becomes even more interesting. Every time you open something new, you impresionas: how many wonders there are around you! Sometimes things are more ordinary than we’ve heard mentioned a thousand times, and that we had never seen before, that most impress us.

In Great.guru picked some of these photographs. We were surprised, we hope you will not leave you indifferent.

Squab of a pigeon

Yes, the chicks of pigeons there are, though few have seen it.


It is believed that moles are about the size of a cat, but it is not so. These critters are a bit larger than a mouse and fits easily in one hand.

Ball lightning

Well you see the ball lightning, obtained during an experiment in a laboratory.

Fireworks in a transverse cut

When the wick is burning, the balls of black fire as lights in the shape of a star.

Launch of the space shuttle Atlantis, seen from the International Space Station

The skull of a child before they drop their milk teeth

The owner of “Tom and Jerry”

We are accustomed to seeing only the slippers of the owner Tom. But in one episode we the showed complete.

Kenny without his hood

It turns out that it is blonde!

End of the game “Snake”

This person must have a patience of steel.

What is inside the pouch of a kangaroo

The skin inside the pouch of a kangaroo is not covered with lint. This is due to the pup, before you start to jump freely, during a time of “mature” just inside of her. The lint will gets in the way when drinking milk and breathing.

The pen of a perfectionist

Who doesn’t like to sharpen a pencil in such a way?

How it looks now, the famous landscape Windows wallpaper

How to end an Excel table

How to wash your hair the astronauts in the space

Can you wash your hair using less than a glass of water? This is how to what do the astronauts. You can see more details in this video.

The richest people in Dubai use these cars

…and have these pets

Bonus: the spacesuit of Neil Armstrong does not match with your fingerprints

There is an interesting view: the iconic footprints on the Moon were not left behind by Neil Armstrong, but his fellow astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, who took the famous photo of his own footprint to allow scientists to study the tensile strength of the lunar surface.

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