17 Funny cases of boredom seasoned with a lot of creativity

Some might think that being boring is not exciting and does nothing. But a research showed that boredom actually stimulates creativity and pushes one to seek a meaning and a satisfaction deeper. But not everything creative should be useful: enough to make it funny.

Great.guru met the examples, the more fun from people who know what to do with your boredom. Have you ever done any of these?

17. O tower of cookies that destroys the depression!

16. Oh yum yum yum!

15. Within several centuries this could be considered art.

14. The Simpsons canned.

13. If there are more than 2 complaints per person, we will send our agent roach special to get this human out.

12. The fever of Star Wars!

11. World of potato chips… is a dream!

10. When you forget your mobile phone and do not know with what to entertain you.

9. Conquest of the kitchen.

8. I made a new team of advisors.

7. It is a professional out of the office early! No one noticed it.

6. How many times have had to go to the vending machine?

5. The kids are still playing in their sandbox.

4. A potato sexy!

3. What and you thought that the flies did not do anything entertaining?

2. Got contraband in the office to my whole house. No one realized!

1. An inexpensive way to paint the car.

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