17 Celebrities who at some point went out together and never knew

Not all people has the luck to find happiness the first time. The celebrities had to wait a time to get to know the person with whom they would like to share the life. The love of many famous lit like fire for a few seconds and just as quickly ended. Some might last a little longer, and even looked like they had serious intentions.

In Great.guru decided to remember 17 couples bright as they once had mutual feelings, but later their lives were formed with other people. At the end of the article, I expected the love story of an actor from the popular series “Friends”, who could not hide their love affair for six years.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker and John Kennedy Jr.

One of the stories more romantic, because after her performance, the actress received a wonderful bouquet of roses and a letter in which John f. Kennedy Jr. the invited dinner. Resist the charm of John it was impossible and soon Sarah dreamed of having his last name. Parker intimated its desire and after this the prince escaped immediately. According to the rumors, Jacqueline Kennedy influenced, because I was against this relationship.

2. Madonna and Tupac Shakur

Before the singer rejected the rumors about their relationship, but after that, in an auction to submit a letter of loving directed by Madonna, she finally confessed that she had a relationship romantic in the early ’90s with this rapper who died tragically. She demanded that it be removed from the cards outrageous of the auction, considering it unacceptable that something so personal should not be with another person.

3. Rihanna and Shia LaBeouf

Shia was the first with that Rhianna had a romantic relationship in the united States. The actor confirms that they have not had the spark right, but Rihanna, on the contrary, reminds each time of appointments: her boyfriend was in the police by making a scandal at a drug store, had an accident in which luckily he survived, he would not be a review of alcohol and drugs, stripped him of his license and once he arrived at the premiere of a movie with a bag placed over his head. Shia was very escandoloso and fortunately for Rihanna this relationship ended pretty fast.

4. Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey

In the movie “Sahara”, the actress had to act with Tom Cruise, but this rejected the participation in the shooting after breaking up with Penelope. To replace the actor came Matthew McConaughey. Won the actress at first sight and since then did not differ. The career of this beautiful couple was being developed, they were happy and adorned any event, but did not come up to the altar. On the way to the family happiness came to a work schedule incompatible with the relations.

5. Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal

Reese and Jake went out for two years. During this time he was able to get used to and love the children of the first marriage and wanted to legalize relations with the actress, but Reese saw Jack as a consolation after his divorce and did not want to carry anything else. The actress several times rejected the proposal to marry, the relationship came to the end and decided to finish. This separation was difficult for Jake.

6. Keira Knightley and Jamie Dornan

Before the world knew of Christian Grey, he came up with this actress for two years. They met at a photo shoot, where Dornan worked as a model, but Keira at that time was already famous. It is precisely their popularity was the main reason for ending the relationship, because the young man was always in a state of constant tension by the pursuit of paparazzi. In addition, she won more and attracted more the interest of the directors Jamie.

7. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling

From hate to love there is only one step. This phrase is perfect for this couple. In the filming of the movie “The Notebook” were wrong. Ryan approached the director and in front of 150 other people asked that they changed the actress. Fortunately, the director did not meet the favor of the actor.

The staff tried to ignore so many fights and cries of the actors. Until the last shot on set, the atmosphere remained quite tense, and after it’s all finished, a miracle happened: the actors started to come out. Their love lasted for three years, and in many interviews Ryan said that she was grateful to God for this meeting, defining this relationship as the hell of the romantic love.

8. Renee Zellweger and Jim Carrey

It all started with the film “Irene, I and my other self”. Jim is a person full of contradictions and doubts, but in London (at that time Zellweger acted in the movie “The diary of Bridget Jones ”) made the actress a gesture promising and during a romantic dinner with candles and he gave a ring of 60 thousand USD. From the moment Renee had hoped the date of the wedding, but her partner avoided all conversations about the matter. The patience of the actress was over and gave her an ultimatum: to assign the date in the next half-year. The indecision of Carrey caused a strong fight and the actress went to Hawaii to spend your honeymoon in solitude.

9. Matt Damon and Winona Ryder

They met thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow at a New Year’s party December 31, 1997. In a year of passionate love the actors they bought a department and announced his engagement. After two years the couple split because of an alleged “relationship” with his partner of film Penelope Cruz. However, there is another version of the separation: Damon persuaded to Ryder that invertiera around a million USD in a company suspect. This business failed and among the depositors cheated were also Matt, his friend Ben Affleck, and other celebrities of Hollywood. This failure is so severe led to the disappearance of the feelings of an actress.

10. Salma Hayek and Edward Norton

They met at a mundane party. The next day Edward called Salma to suggest you go together to the cinema to see “From dusk to dawn”. Salma refused and hung up the phone. Only after several years, he knew that Salma didn’t like to see movies with your participation. The next time Edward invited her to walk, and the actress confirmed the proposal, after a few months became his wife. The marriage lasted only four years. The official version of the divorce was the inconsistent work schedule.

11. Fergie and Justin Timberlake

In 2003, his group The Black Eyed Peas collaborated with Justin and the singer, without hesitation, began to go out with this young singer. Fergie admits that not expecting much of this amorcillo, were very well put together and not planned anything. The most important thing was that the couple was absolutely happy with the separation and no one was offended.

12. Britney Spears and Colin Farrell

Another amorcillo of two scandalous people. The 2 of February of 2003 Britney Spears was at the premiere of the film “The disciple”, where Colin Farrell played the main character. The next day in the pages of many newspapers were published the photos where Britney and Colin were kissing. The couple ended too quickly, saying that it was not time to have sex.

13. Blake Lively and Leonardo Dicaprio

The courtship began in 2011, when the series “Gossip girl” was in the pinnacle of success, but Leo did not understand that this beautiful woman had a personality not conventional and is shamed by their actions. For example, Blake decided to put creativity to your life and each day I sent to Leonardo for the photos of the life of her wrist. After five months, the celebrities put an end to their unlikely courtship. Blake stated that broke up with Leo because I didn’t want to marry her, but is probably boring. Now, however, Blake has a husband who loves her and who understands your sense of humor.

14. Kate Moss and Johnny Depp

Love at first sight, like in the movies. Johnny and Kate had a passionate love along with drugs and alcohol. Subsequently, the journalists gave the name of “dating of cocaine”. It is evident that were created the one for the other, since their world consisted of in this luxury mixed with places of bad death. Are shut up in hotel rooms for several days, bathe in champagne, fighting in the clubs and the public scandals they added more passion.

After the separation were silent for a long time, the relationship did not harm their lives or his cold feelings. Several years later confessed in interviews to some magazines still do not understand why this occurred to them to form a family.

15. Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson

The love story is more tragic is the of this couple of comedy. The beautiful courtship of Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson started right in the studio in 2006, the lovers are not separated for a single moment, but in June of 2007 ended. After a few months, the actor tried to commit suicide, but was rescued in time. The reason for this action was his unrequited love.

16. Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere

“He saw me naked for ten minutes after meeting me”. So began the relationship of this couple. Richard Gere appeared by chance in this photo shoot for Playboy, where he found Cindy naked. Such circumstances only sped up dating crazy. The wedding took place, but were quite modest and were limited with the ceremony in Las Vegas, for which they paid 500 USD.

Geed and Crawford were divorced in four years, the reason of this divorce was as follows: Cindy was too young and did not understand what marriage was.

Bonus: Matthew Perry and Lizzy Caplan

Matthew Perry is known as a single emperdenido, as its 48 years has not married even once and has not had children. In addition, the actor has the ability to hide their relationships. Matthew always protected her personal life from media attention. Thus, in 2006 the couple began dating secretly, and for six years all were confident that the celebrities, they were only friends. Always chasing the cameras of paparazzi, but not found anything. About the end of their courtship emerged a little later. In 2012 the relationship has ended as quietly as it had started.

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