17 Phenomena curious that occur on our planet

The planet on which we live is really weird. More than we could imagine! The Earth is full of mysteries and events that are surprising that make us believe in the magical powers of Mother Nature. Sometimes they are beautiful; at other times, just by looking at them you start to climb a shiver down the spine.

In Great.guru we were stupefied with some pictures that we found and we would like to share them with you.

17. The mysterious foam in China in 2013

It happened one night in China in the year 2013. Suddenly, something strange and smelly began to distill in the middle of the streets. After a while, this foam seemingly began to return to the same crack of a centimeter wide.

Many speculations were made to define this phenomenon, but none could be confirmed. The government sent an official announcement that the mud was leaked accidentally from a construction site of metro nearby, but many did not believe that this was true.

16. The eye of the Sahara

Also known as the Richat Structure, has the appearance of a large eye, hence the name: the Eye of the Sahara. With a diameter of 40 kilometers, the structure eroded type dome is interpreted first as an asteroid impact.

After several studies, the geologists concluded that it was a dome geological highly symmetrical and deeply eroded. The centre itself consists of gaps siliceous than about 30 miles.

15. The crack deepest of the Earth

The Black Crack is to a crack natural located in Canyonlands National Park. It is said that White Rim Trail, where is located the crack, it was used by cowboys and miners in earlier times to reach the lower levels of this geological formation in Canyonlands. In 1918 it became a path for livestock, and was extended by uranium miners in the 1950s. This crack is a natural formation, and his appearance intimidating attracts many people.

The trail has become one of the hikes more interesting for the tourists. If you’re here, don’t forget to take a look at the low cliffs located to your right back in your walk. There is a large cavity about 200 meters from the trail with two holes in the top. It is said that the layers of stone scattered on the façade are remains of the stone age. These stones do not erode the natural way, so that it is believed they were used as tools by men in prehistory.

14. Bioluminescence marine

This sea shore is always lit! It actually looks beautiful! It is said that the bioluminescence of marine in Hong Kong, also known as brightness marine, was formed by the contamination of the land, so that they can also be devastating to marine life and local fisheries.

Therefore, beautiful as it may seem, is alarming and needs immediate attention.

13. The Mountains Rainbow in China

If you’ve ever wondered what it is that inspires artists to create paintings, you must visit the Mountains Rainbow in China. Located in the geological park Zhangye Danxia Landform, these really are a creation with a wonderful nature.

Were declared Patrimony of the Humanity by the UNESCO in 2009. It is said that they obtained their colours thanks to the minerals, oxide of iron and other similar substances.

12. The forest twisted

11. Blood falls

It seems to be that Antarctica is the center of mystery events more amazing! Found in 1911 by geologist australian Griffith Taylor, the blood falls gets its red color due to the flow of iron oxide that comes in contact with salt water. The process is basically the that we all study in the school: the iron turns red when it comes into contact with the oxygen in the air.

The reason for the raw red color at first attributed to the red algae, but later confirmed their relationship with the presence of oxidized iron.

10. The Ijen volcano, flowing lava blue, in Indonesia

The blue here is not so great. The volcano Ijen, famous for its lava blue, is another of the wonders of nature. Located in East Java, Indonesia, is part of a group of volcanoes. The bright blue color is the result of the combustion of gases of sulfur at a temperature very high, more than 360 °C. as these gases come into contact with the oxygen present in the air, his lava takes a blue coloration.

Next to Ijen is the crater that holds the lake of sulfuric acid, the world’s largest, formed by lava blue. Its glow looks much better in the night.

9. Pyura chilensis: the rock living

Pyura chilensis, as they call it in Chile, it is strange to the eye and delicious to the tongue. Before you ask why someone would eat a stone, not a stone. It is a marine animal filter similar to the rock structure behind them, but without a brain or sensory organs.

Born male, but produces female sex organs and then reproduces only. Your blood contains a metal called vanadium. It is a delicacy among the inhabitants of Chile and Peru.

8. Waterfall underwater

In addition to the scenic beauty of the Island of Mauritius, a waterfall underwater has defied all laws of physics and flows like a mystery. How can you build a waterfall underwater?

The real reason behind this is the illusion. It is not the water that is falling, but the sand of the beaches that the ocean currents dragged from the continental shelf. But it still looks amazing, right?

7. The eruption of the volcano Calbuco in Chile: lightning storm volcanic

6. Pit of ice in Antarctica

The mysterious hole in the Antarctic emerged in October of 2017, leaving the scientists amazed. It is huge, almost 30 thousand square miles, and was detected by a float robotic that is capable of operating beneath the sea ice.

According to the Center National Snow and Ice Data, this phenomenon is also called “polinia” (in English, “polynya”), which is an open space of water where one would expect to find sea ice solid.

5. Donuts snow or wheels of snow

Sometimes they look like donuts or large ice tyres, as if nature itself came to play snow balls with us. It is a weather phenomenon rare that usually has a cylindrical shape.

The reason they are hollow in the middle, is that those are the first layers to form , and therefore are fragile and easily let themselves be carried by the wind, making it look like a donut. These can be as small as a tennis ball and as big as a car.

4. Rain red in Kerala

3. The Hum of Taos

It sounds a little creepy, but the hum in Taos, in north-central New Mexico, is confirmed by many and unheard of to some. Those who have heard it say that they hear the hum day and night, but the origin is still unknown.

The first hum was reported in the years ’90. Although there were many scientific explanations and psychological, none was 100% proven. Have you been to Taos once? did you hear the buzz?

2. The rainbow white or the arch of mist

The rainbow white, also popularly known as the arch of mist, is caused by small water droplets, smaller than 0.05 millimeters.

These beauties have multi-rings pale caused by the diffraction. This phenomenon is very popular among sailors.

1. The desert rose

Then, the popular singer Sting was not so wrong, oh, the roses of the desert there! Seriously though, these desert roses are formations of clusters of crystal of gypsum or baritewhich include a large number of grains of sand.

On average, the size of a rock-rose is between 1.3 and 10 centimeters in diameter. The largest was a group of rock-rose which had around 99 centimeters high and weighed in at more than 454 kilograms.

There are many places out there waiting for you. The planet Earth will never cease to amaze us. Have you been to any of these natural wonders? Share your experiences and images with us in the comments.

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