17 Photos taken at the right moment

The art of being in the right place at the right time is difficult to master, but always results in something amazing. When this happens, some are too slow to take advantage of the moment. But others are quick enough or lucky as to pull out his camera and take that perfect photo.

Great.guru found the best photos taken at the right time and in the right place. What of them makes you laugh the most?

17. What free food? It eyes fixed on the goal!!!

16. Stabbed in the back… literally

15. I am a puppy in a world of bubbles huge!

14. A stag cuckold

13. The winner of the best Halloween costume!

12. The supergato in action, trying to save the universe feline!

11. “Hello!, how are you?”

10. Jekyll and Hyde, I-style cat!

9. We have found your lenses! Were flying here

8. Eat a lot of spicy food can result in this:

7. The best in the hideout and the worst in the search

6. “You agree with you, owl, to this woman…”

5. It seems that you liked the girl

4. Who ordered the hovercraft?

3. This statue really blows!

2. It looks like some monster movies of superheroes

1. Squirrel viking, almost no is left to see

Please share in the comments the photos taken at the perfect time!

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