17 real Facts it’s hard to believe

Among the multitude of statements that are disseminated there are several accurate data. It happens that it is very difficult to believe in some of them. In Great.guru we take seriously this task and to carefully check: we bet that you’ll be thrilled with them.

  • Via the Amazon river, which has more than 7,000 kilometres, does not cross any bridge. There is only the bridge Black River, which was discovered in 2010: he unites the two shores of this river, a tributary of the Amazon.
  • The tigers have not only striped fur, but also in the skin. In addition, in the world there are no two tigers with stripes absolutely identical.
  • In 2012, a woman reported as missing during his vacation was found happily in Iceland. It turned out that she was in the group search. As stated, it is not acknowledged in the description and that’s why he decided to join the search.
  • If you pay attention to the map during flights of long duration, probably you have noticed that the plane does not fly in a straight line but in a curved path. In the first place the straight line on the map is two-dimensional does not coincide with the straight line in the three-dimensional globe. In the second place, the fact is that the shape of the Earth is an ellipse flattened at the poles and the path shorter between them is the arc of a circle. For example, if you fly from India to US, your way will cross through Russia, England and Greenland. Yes, although you may not believe it is very short.
  • Alaska is the most northern, western and eastern of the united States. The Aleutian islands belong to Alaska, crossing the meridian 180, therefore are the most eastern.

  • How can you see Africa from Great Britain? It is easy to. You should go to Gibraltar, an overseas territory of Great Britain that is located in the Iberian peninsula. Of course, from the shores of Spain located closer to, you can also see well Africa.

  • The apples that we buy in the supermarket, on average, lead to harvested from 5 to 12 months until they reach the counter. During all this time are stored in special freezers with a low oxygen content to prevent its decomposition.
  • There are several assumptions as to why we need sleep: it will probably be an additional function for the growth and development (when more young person is a person, the more sleep). Carried out the restoration of the body’s systems, such as memory and attention. But not existeuna response clear and concise statement of why we sleep.
  • Huesitos, leaves, fruits are not matured and trunks of avocado are poisonous, as they contain persina. By very unlikely as it may seem, the greatest danger of this fruit is presented to the animals, especially for birds: possibly by scavenging everything. The fruit of the avocado for humans is healthy and safe.
  • The ornament of the language of each person is as unique as fingerprints.
  • A fish japanese Koi named Hanako lived for 226 years. He died in 1977.
  • Albert Einstein could have become the president of Israel, but departed from this proposal.
  • The Islands Diómedes are between Russia and the US, and A curious fact is that between them crosses a line of time zone. This fact makes the time difference between the islands is 23 hours: for example, if to the west of the line calendar mark 18 may, this will still be 17. By the way, the distance between the islands is only 4 kilometres away.
  • There is a phenomenon known as“syndrome de Paris”. It is a state that often have the japanese, related to the disappointment that they cause the capital of France. Of course, it also may be felt by people of other nationalities. Even the japanese consular in France had to open a hotline to provide psychological support to their fellow countrymen.
  • The eyes of brown, in reality they are blue, but under a brown pigment. The american biologist Greg Homer has created a company that is dedicated to the development of the transformation process of eyes brown in blue: it is possible that will soon be available.
  • The cut with a piece of paper is more painful than with a knife for a simple reason. The fact that the knife will make you a wound more deep and cause bleeding will begin the process of clotting of blood and the wound to heal faster. The paper, on the other hand, you will make a superficial wound and not pour out blood, which means that the wound will not recover as fast, but in a painful way.
  • The companies Puma and Adidas were founded by brothers Dassler. They were the owners of the company that produced the brand shoes Gebrüder Dassler, but due to a quarrel they separated and each created its own brand. Originally the Puma was called RuDa (Rudolf Dassler) and Adidas, Addas (short for Adi Dassler).

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