17 Lessons from the masters of the art of “I care a cucumber”

Many times we pay too much attention to things and events that we are worth it. We can’t sleep at night, we spend our nerve cells. And that there are people who have learned not to worry about the details, and feel pleasure in any life situation.

Great.guru made a collection of photos where you can learn a few lessons from “I care a cucumber” healthy (and not both). Watch them, maybe something would be useful to you in 2018.

If you prepare for your exams under the water, no one will see how you cry

I bought an apartment and I discovered that the masons had left me a surprise

E: Equanimity. A lesson from Ben Affleck

We all deserve a Adblock as well

It is a typical day in the life of an introvert

No matter what happens, keep enjoying your ice cream

This photo no longer need the hashtag #feet

When not you fit in the environment, but this does not matter to you

Only it is a watermelon placed on the head, nothing out of the ordinary

Let’s move on to the next photo before this cat, we attack

Raise your hand those who would like to live in a house so well repaired

In this Russian city until the installation of a new dumpster is a party

No matter whether you are adult. You can still fit in the shopping cart

150 shades of gray: pavement to the style of “almazuela”

This guy is just cooling off in the company of his best friend

The machinist will see the hose, the kicker, will seize flight and jump. Does not can you do so?

You can’t fool the cat

Have you ever known people who surprise us with its tranquility and lack of energy? Share with us the result of those meetings.

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