17 Books peculiar that raise a lot of suspicion about their authors

The world of books is amazing and varied, but not everything that is printed on paper is a masterpiece. Sometimes the title of the book already gives you doubt and makes you suspect that something is wrong there. However, at other times the titles are provocative are given to books pretty good.

Great.guru gathered for you some books whose covers are embarrassed. Although the latter may be useful for many people in the modern society.

17. How can you live?

16. When you fed up

15. To be prepared

14. It is a disappointment even stronger that “Santa does not exist”

13. We knew that the kittens we hid something

12. And he asks a woman

11. And how do you lose?

10. I always wanted to know

9. Adventures amazing

A beautiful illustration of the holiday. They always look like this:

8. For those who do not have a life sufficiently challenging

7. This question torments all drivers

6. The illustration of the cover kills the whole intrigue of the book

5. It is something that takes years to learn

4. The most efficient way

3. For the most astute

2. A question too serious

1. Useful for many

Have you ever found books with titles strange?

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