17 Original gifts for New Year you can do with your hands

In different families and countries, Santa Claus and exchange of gifts falls on different dates: some do it on Christmas, others in the New Year, while there are those who prefer to give gifts on the day of the Magi. You want to give a holiday gift, you’re still on time.

In Great.guru we believe that gifts made by hand and come from the heart are the best. That’s why I share these 17 ideas of original gifts.

Drawing on the envelope as an embellishment of the gift

A correct packaging will make every gift is customized. Wrap your gift in some paper of the same color and decorate it with a hand-made drawing that symbolizes the hobby of the person for which it is intended the gift: a small cart for the car fans, a kitten for the cat lovers or a few notes for the people that play musical instruments, for example.

Bottle with the best memories

This gift is good for both for the lovers as best friends or parents. Write on slips of paper the best memories related to the recipient of the gift, wrap each one of them and put them in a bottle nice.

Set winter

Make your own set of custom winter with the things most necessary. Remember that your gift does not necessarily must cost a lot: a couple of tangerines and a set of spices for mulled wine along with a nice scarf will be enough to warm any heart.

Jars with treats

If you have jars that don’t need or bulbs, you can llenarnas of the favorite treats of the person (walnuts, almonds, M&M’s, marshmallows) and decorate with festive flair.

Candles rare

This ornament cinnamon and objects of christmas will give away a wonderful aroma and will make any home breathe the party. It would be a good surprise for lovers of romance.

Cards original

To create this gift almost don’t need anything, unless a company fun with that you can try out the cards right after producing them.

Oil as a work of art

A bottle of empty glass, a cork, olive oil, sprigs of decorative rosemary and a little bit of imagination, and the gift of the designer is ready!

Map of the world

To lovers of travel will surely love this original map, where the countries visited should be removed with a coin.

“The feet warm”

The calcetitas thematic or slippers fun surely will not leave anyone indifferent, not even to the person more serious.

Crown of mandarin oranges

This simple wreath you can make with the fruit that you can get at any grocery store in this season.

Cup original

Everyone has many cups, but few have cups with covers woven. You can knit a bag for yourself, or buy list.

Cushion in the form of animal

One of the gifts unconventional for New Year’s could be a cushion such as this. It is perfect for trips and to decorate the rooms.

Table football

If you have much budget you can certainly buy the original version or mini football table. But to the toys craft such as this would generate a lot of interest and fun in the company of friends.

Teddy bear towel

A new towel would always be useful in any home. And to make the gift look more interesting, you try to bend it in the shape of a bear, as is shown in this video.

Bottles fun

Any bottle can be easily converted into reindeer christmas fun. A bit of wire and threads, and your gift is ready!

A tree of tea

Bag pants

To create this bag, you’d have to struggle a little, but instead, a gift, might as well prolong the atmosphere of the party until the next season.

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