17 is compelling Evidence that nothing has changed in 20 years

Despite the fast pace of our life, many things do not change.

Great.guru decided to remember what it is that makes this more stable world: the events of 20 years ago that even today does not cease to be current.

1. No matter who stars in Johnny Depp: a native american or a pirate, in 1997 and 2017 do not want to say goodbye to your favorite look

2. Jennifer Aniston continues to remain faithful to your hair fabulous

3. The t-shirts of fans never go out of fashion

4. Brad Pitt once again proved that love need not be forever

5. Video games are still present

6. Kim Basinger keeps coming up in movies about difficult relationships, “Angels naked” (1997) and “Fifty shades darker” (2017)

7. I Choker! How do we live without you all that time?

8. Like 20 years ago, this year premiered a new story about Batman

9. The hair colour is again in fashion, and Gwen Stefani knows

10. Winona Ryder continues to struggle against evil: in 1997 in “Alien” and in 2017, “Stranger Things”

11. They are the Backstreet Boys. Still giving concerts

12. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are still coming together at the Oscars. Although this year none of them touched him

13. The dizzying platform today helps the girls to “grow up” a couple of inches

14. Elizabeth Hurley surely uses a kind of magic. Otherwise, how would you explain that in the last 20 years has not changed at all?

15. Socks + sandals = boy fashion. Before, now and always!

16. Tom Cruise is still handsome in the papers of guys desperate

17. The denim does not go out of fashion

What agregarías to this list? What are the things and phenomena that have not changed in the last 20 years?

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