17 wedding Gifts unusual which will make the married life more fun

Think of a gift for that wedding you will be attending can be a real struggle, and that is exactly the reason why in Great.guru collect the 17 gifts more unusual that you may receive the newly married couples, and that probably we can use to improve the atmosphere in your relationship. Or for in any case partner!

Sheets of different temperature

How many couples have divorced because of the differences of preference as to the temperature? I will not fight more! Bedjet will give you the perfect temperature to each one, alone at his side of the bed. Isn’t this a dream come true?

Hot Ying-Yang

If you’ve ever tried to have a romantic bath with another person, you know how difficult it can be with all those knees, elbows and small spaces. Invests in a bathtub in which you really can accommodate 2 people and let them spend a relaxing time together… but not really together.

Send “a big hug” through a shirt

Have you ever wanted to send a hug to someone? This shirt sends hugs through a special technology directly to your loved one.

Rocking chair for the couple

Relax and read it is much better if you have someone with whom to share those moments. A rocking chair is a staple of the living room of a couple, so why not make that gift for the two of them?

Bathroom double

For those couples that cannot be separated even for a second.

The rose from Beauty and The Beast

For all lovers of fairy tales! This beautiful detail is not only an ornament, but a tribute to a wonderful story.

Underwear for two

We’re not sure that it’s comfortable, but it really is very intimate.

Alarm clock “quiet” two times

Have you ever found yourself in a situation in which the alarm sounds of your partner, but you don’t need to wake up until the next 2 hours? Well, here is an alarm clock that you can set at different times. Just put a ring on your finger and wait for it to vibrate and wake you up. No tone, no fights, no problems.

Privacy in paper

If you ever desire was to spend some intimate time with your partner, but in public, this little invention will help you.

Sweatshirt shared

It’s warm and cozy! Will never be comfortable enough if your partner is not in him.


Send your kisses through this device, will allow you to feel the lips that are miles away. IKissenger is a messenger of kisses!

Umbrella shared

Stop hurting your partner in the eye or push it to not get wet. Get an umbrella that covers them both.

Communicator-Pillow for long distance

Little Riot has created a product called Pillow Talk, and it is made for lovers of long distance. Sends the heart beat of your loved one to a special receptor under her pillow, so that you can feel his presence along the distance.

Mittens for holding hands

Lift toilet seat

Cuddle Mattress, “Mattress suitable for hug”

Invented for couples, Cuddle Mattress will not allow your hand to go to sleep before your companion

Double cups

If yours or your friends is a “couple wine lover”, it plays with your tastes and give this gift thinking about your habits.

So why fall into the trap of a discussion when there is an item simple it can make life easier? And while doing so, not only you give great things with other couples, you will get some for you! Do you know any other great gift for couples? Don’t keep it to yourself! ¡Share it with us in the comments!

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