18 Animals who presume his glorious hairstyles flattered by the very nature

Usually we invest a lot of time, effort and money to make our hairstyle to add that final touch to our appearance. That includes trying new techniques and accessories. These animals have never had to fight to have the perfect hairstyle in front of a mirror or attending to the beauty salon, however they have hair more beautiful and healthy.

Great.guru presents you with 18 images of adorable animals cute and furry that they have something to teach us about looking good hairstyles.

18. Hen Polish brown

Chickens Polish people are admired for their remarkable crest of feathers and his comb in the shape of a V. These beautiful chickens were so popular in Europe in the SIXTEENTH century that appeared in the paintings of Dutch artists and italians of the time.

17. Goura or pigeon crowned

One of the magnificent species of doves crowned, Goura scheepmakeri can be found in New Guinea and some surrounding islands.

16. Racka or cows of Wallachia

This is a breed of sheep that originated in Hungary. They are known for their horns in a spiral shape, and their thick wool.

15. Alpaca hipster

Alpacas are animals of the herd very social and intelligent. And you definitely know how to pose in front of the camera.

14. Dog samoyed

Like many dogs arctic, the samoyedos have a fur double-thick and white that prevents them from passing cold and it is too hot in the summer. These dogs are very friendly, socialized well, and are excellent companions for children.

13. Wally the rabbit

Wally became viral as soon as their images were uploaded to the social networks. With ears like wings of an angel and a face lovely, captured the hearts of thousands of people around the world.

12. Rabbit of angora

Meet Ida, the rabbit of angora more fluffy in the world. These beautiful creatures produce angora wool, which is used to make clothing. It says that it is 7 times warmer than sheep’s wool.

11. Alpaca smiling

This alpaca austrian may be the inspiration for a new hairstyle.

10. Marmoset white-headed

You can find this beauty in the tropical forests of Colombia, in South america. It is a primate whose name comes from the peculiarity of his white head which extends from the top of the head to the shoulders. Unfortunately, these animals are classified as one of the world’s most endangered species.

9. Dog puli

These dogs are active and energetic are best known for their curly hairs that seem to dreadlocks. Due to their intelligence and playful nature, they are always the center of attention.

8. Dove escalorada

The waves or curls in the feathers of its wings make this pigeon looks definitely great.

7. Hound afghan

With his coat fine, silky and constitution high, slim and graceful, the dogs are afghans, often referred to as aristocrats.

6. Penguin rockhopper penguin

These sea birds are the smallest in the world and is distiguen their beak and orange feathers, sharp yellow and black on its head.

5. Horse gypsy

The legs covered with hair long and silky are the characteristics of this breed. However, this same aspect that causes them problems because they collect a lot of mud and hinder their movement.

4. The cat Smootie

Smootie, the cat is more photogenic in the world, belongs to the british race of domestic cats with long hair. These cats require brushing at least once a week to prevent mats.

3. Cattle Highland

These cattle mountain belong to a breed of cattle scottish, one of the oldest in the world. Have coats wavy long that help them to survive the harsh conditions of the scottish highlands.

2. Sheep black nose Valais

It is found mainly in the mountains of Switzerland. These beautiful creatures are known for their beautiful thick wool. If you look from a certain distance, you will think that they don’t have eyes. The reason is that the black color covers the center of your head, hence the name of this breed.

1. Guinea pig long hair

Guinea Pigs are probably the animals most adorable in the world. Some breeds are notable for their long hair and silky, as the peruvian, alpaca, lunkarya, merino, the silkie, the sheba and texel. If you have decided to get one of these balls silky, be sure to be aware of their dietary requirements.

If you have a picture of an animal with hair elegant and fabulous, don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comments.

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