18 Guys who honestly admitted that they could never be as great as were their parents

If you had a time machine, surely you would have gone to the past to be a friend of your father. It is not that it is now boring, it is just that in the years of his youth was a fire.

18 users had the courage to admit that they would never be able to be as great as their parents. Great.guru believes that you are the next in the row.

“I found a photo of my father and his Mustang, made in the 70’s. And I decided I should see this”

“My father was an undercover cop in the ’70s”

The father shows tricks to impress his daughter. Australia, 1940

“My father in the late ’60”

My father poses with a model for the advertising of a safety belt, 1978

“My father with Michelle Pfeiffer, 1979”

“My father in 1975, two years after emigrating from Palestine. How fast it got into the american culture!”

“In 1995 we were alone with my father. This photo shows how to make all possible efforts for my second birthday it is great”

“My father and his Firebird in the ’80s”

“I saw the picture of your father with his car, and I decided to share a photo of my father very well groomed with his Firebird in the background. The photo was taken in the ’80s”.

“My dad and your monkey-in-arms, Vietnam, 1966”

“My grandfather was a really cool parent”

“My father in the ’70 after winning the golf tournament. Just great!”

“My father (the guy on the floor) and his band in the ’70s”

“My father on a skateboard, I think it was much better than I”

“My father, your jeep and your dog in the years ’70. And yes, we still have this jeep”

“Apparently, my dad was a hipster already at the beginning of the ’80s. Happy birthday!”

“My father in the ’70s. Do what you love. He is the father of 4 sons. It is not a common man, but a legend”

What and when was your father at the top? Do you have a couple of heroic stories in which your father is the protagonist? I share them in the comments!

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