18 Things that can astonish even those who claim to have seen everything in this life

A famous writer brazilian, Jorge Amado, once said: “The world is so incomprehensible and full of surprises.” In fact, there are many amazing things on this planet that we have not yet seen. It doesn’t matter if they have been created by nature or by humans, never cease to amaze us, and almost force us to take our cameras and rush to share the images with all on the Internet.

Great.guru is pleased to share with you some images of creatures and awesome things that we have found in the Internet. Look at this list until the end to find more evidence that the world will never cease to amaze us.

1. Snake of sun ray

2. This ball of cuteness is called a fish clump

3. A buddha under the water on a small island near Bali

4. A sand sculpture in Taiwan

5. A lake with a hole in Portugal

6. A yellow path in Germany

7. Inside of a waterfall partially frozen

8. A statue of a coyote in the festival “Burning Man”, 2013

9. A platform of ice formed naturally by the water

10. The puffer fish Guinea, or fish “cheese”

11. Flowers growing through the lava

12. A dolphin flying

13. A squid with human teeth

14. Owls, mother and daughter, together in a tree

15. The death road in Bolivia

16. A bubble of glass to view fish

17. Dinosaur footprints in Bolivia

18. Stadium that works with solar energy, Taiwan

What photo impacted you the most? What all made you say “wow!”? Tell us in the comments, and if you’ve recently seen something that has surprised a lot, don’t hesitate to share a photo with us!

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