18 Examples of urban art was fantastic that have nothing to do with vandalism

The art is able to take on different forms. Some might classify as vandalism to the following works, but most people agree that it is simply artistic expression in the most pure.

Great.guru has collected images of creativity street that elicit admiration and will make you smile.

1. Flourished the bush dedicated to Prince

2. Connected

3. A hairstyle of Marge Simpson very high

4. Yo-Yo in the right hands

5. Collecting berries

6. A drawing of several buildings with a 3D effect

7. Bruce Lee

8. Jazz street

9. Get ready to fly

10. A rabbit in Lisbon

11. Crabs

12. Piano in the entrance

13. As if it was the original idea

14. Princess Leia

15. A little scary

16. Caravan

17. Toblerone

18. When nature merges with art

What of these works has impressed you most?

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