18 Photos for which there is not a good logical explanation

Did you know that there is a rapper called Logic in the musical? Well, I think that he probably has more in common with this compilation of photographs that the true definition of that word.

In Great.guru we love to solve puzzles, but these photos left us speechless. We could not find any logical explanation for them, can you do it?

I don’t know how this is possible

This mask costs 1,56 USD in a shop in Guangzhou, China. But let’s be honest, who would buy?

“These shoes that I found in the store Nordstrom they are made of paper”

Hooks that show the amount of “likes” each article of the store in Facebook

Is it Albert Einstein traveling on the subway?

“Container of cream that I was given on my flight from Iceland. If you have not noticed, the photo is of a worker in a slaughterhouse”

Why is there a cabbage in a bouquet of flowers?

“I found this car covered in artificial turf in an exhibition of cars”

The Tampa police is on real issues

They are going to have to restart if you want to fly to normal

“The file vela.exe has stopped working”.

My family recently received a notice very discreet

The true face of Snoopy

Variety of grapes in a single bunch

Just copied and pasted

Do you have any regrets of having made that photo session?

“20 000 solve crimes.

Thank you for calling the Association Against Crimes.”

Thank you… why share?

“Texas free of HIV”.

Well done

“My wife bought this dress online for $ 2 for my daughter to use at Disney World. Really regrets to have chosen”

This statue generates a lot of questions

How were you able to decipher the meaning of any of these images? Please, share your ideas in the comments section, because we couldn’t do it!

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