18 Stories for those who lost their faith in the goodness

In our world so many things happen, bad that action is needed able to do the good and miracles.

Great.guru proposes to fill your heart with warmth and inspiration of good stories. It’s time to do good! We already have begun and you?

This woman was invited to an “appointment” to an elderly bachelor

The worker of a supermarket for a long time already attention had been paid to the widower Edwin Holmes, who always visited just your supermarket. Elly invited him to dinner as he knew that it would happen only at Christmas.

Edwin came to the restaurant in his best suit and with a bouquet of flowers. He said he was nervous as if it were a child. Currently this pair is seen regularly for a coffee.

The students gave their teacher a few kittens to learn that their pet had died

This professor from Texas suffered much for the loss of your pet, a cat called Blondie. Every pleasure the woman cried. The students could not let go of this without that will call their attention and they decided to convert the tears of tragedy into tears of happiness.

Gave a beautiful bouquet of white roses and two kittens, and they recorded everything. “You really are mine?”, the teacher didn’t believe how lucky I was.

This child receives food for doing his homework

The owner of a bakery that provided care to a child who every day asked food to the workers who worked for her. She decided to talk with him, since at that time I had to be in school. It turns out that his family recently had moved to the city and had problems with finances. Don’t even have enough to buy food.

Then the owner promised to help the family if he was going back to school and did his homework. Now he gives him bread and allows your family to have lunch once a day in your bakery.

A cat returned to the interest in the life of a pensioner of 94 years

Photographer Akiko DuPont for many years he photographed his beloved grandfather, but after an illness suddenly stopped to enjoy the life, became very sad and irritable. Everything changed when there was a cat in your life. He conquered the heart of this whining.

Now the woman takes photos of his everyday life. They read newspapers together, play chess and look out for one another. If something goes wrong in your life, think about it: maybe you need a cat.

Ryan Gosling shared a beautiful story in an interview with Esquire

“My mom only once was the ceremony of awards ’Oscar’. That year she had decided that the hairstyle chignon updo was a success of the time, but on the red carpet, all women had their hair loose. In the room we sat in front of Rachel Weiss and she was jumping around during the ceremony to see the scene and my mom slid down.

Don’t know what to do, but I didn’t want entristeciera. I asked a favor to Meryl Streep and was told the following: ’Could you tell my mom that you like your hairstyle?’. When empeazaron to display the advertising, she said: ’I also wanted to make me a hairstyle with a bun updo, you know. Unfortunately, I did not dare’. Then my mom got super proud.”

A person passing near this guy with a cart for your dog took this photo, later, his story touched deep in the heart of thousands of people

The dog is called Maximilian and is 16 years old. During all these years he lived with Troy and Edie and long ago became a member of the family. From small been diagnosed with health problems, but the spouses always took care of.

When Max was older, Troy and Edie tried to make not to let you feel his love, followed him out to the park and playing with him, despite the fact that the dog was not able to move independently. Admitted that would never have been able to reject to Max for the very sick and old he was.

Marvel Comics produced a new superhero to convince a child to use a device acoustic

A little boy named Anthony Smith was forced to use a device acoustic from 4 years and that bothered him, because he felt that was different to the other children. In 2012 began to refuse to use it stating that “superheroes don’t have the ears blue.”

Then their mom sent a message via e-mail to Marvel Comics with a request for help. Instead, they created a hero deaf called Ear Blue. As you can notice in the photo, the child’s change of opinion.

Rescued from a death of a cold in a kitten with surprises

Some people saved a kitten that was freezing in the street, but the miracles did not end there. It turns out that the cat was pregnant and soon gave birth to six wonderful kittens. As they say, one handles the plow, and seven eat the stew.

David Deutchman has a profession special: godfather of magic

David Deutchman, 82 years old, during 12 has worked as a volunteer in a clinical setting, cooing to the baby, supporting premature babies and their parents.

On Tuesday David Deutchman visit the intensive care unit to be with the babies whose parents cannot be near them. Thursday works in the wards of hospitals to help families overcome this difficult time.

The military take care of the baby turtles

Annually the maritime fleet of the colombian manages to rescue the young turtles, helping them to enter the ocean. This work is one of the obligations of the naval forces in colombia.

Caring people contributed and organized a new house to a poor old man


In this house, in 2006, his wife died. From is time, an old man named Ion Negrila 71-year-old refused to leave the house, even though I was in a bad condition. Some of the young people by chance learned of their story and decided to help him. Via the internet launched a campaign for all those people that wanted to collect money and in the end gathered together a thousand euros.

The boys decided that if he didn’t want to move, you could create a house in the same place. They did not earn a lot of money but they knew how to survive with a minimum amount. And here’s what they got!


A child paid for the meal of a police

It is that he dreams of becoming a police officer some day. Not forgot to mention this in the message you gave to the agent, as well as to show appreciation for their work.

Hollywood celebrities perform works of charity because of the hurricane, “Irma”

The stars of Hollywood made a call for help to raise donations for those affected by the hurricane. Many also became involved through a direct line trying to tranquilzar and encourage the residents.

The actor who gave the voice to the Disney character Winnie the Pooh was called to the sick children and spoke with the voice of the teddy bear

His name is Jim Cummings and in collaboration with the fund, Make-A-Wish called to the children who are hospitalized and speaks with the voice of Winnie the Pooh to make them laugh and give them encouragement.

A child with which he spoke was suffering from autism and it was something closed and not communicative. But I was so excited to talk with Winnie, who began to respond and ask questions.

A professor of iranian took care of their sick child

In the photo are a boy iranian who has cancer and her teacher, that each day I visit to teach him what that had to do in school. That is why the profession of a teacher not only in words.

A child brought in from the street, a small “worm”

So began an incredible story. At the beginning I even wanted to get back to the street, however, decided to stay with him and was not in vain. See what a beauty she grew up.

In Anapa there was a cat superhero

Saved from the hunger and the death of six puppies. Not only trapping the mice to the small, but heated lamiéndolos. The cat is a hero that became a replacement for his mother.

A millionaire’s adopted a whole neighborhood

In 1994 the millionaire Harris Rosen called the municipality of the district of Orange and told her about the sorry state of a town called Tanghelo Park. The city was full of danger, drugs, and dragged a miserable existence. The people had no faith, nor hope towards a better future.

So Harris was launched to Tanghelo Park. Contributed more than 4 million USD, ensuring the professional training for adults, the preschool education system and scholarships for full term for all. The program has a term of eight years, the percentage of persons who completed their studies grew from 25 to 100 per cent and the crime rate was reduced by half.

Did you ever has happened to “a kindly act” unexpected? Share it with us.

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