18 Ideas for makeup artist Korean that fool your brain

The artist Dain Yoon of South Korea spends up to 12 hours in the creation of each work. It is famous thanks to his illusions unusual, which creates with the help of light, paint and… your own body.

Great.guru gathered some photos from the portfolio of the artist so that you can enjoy with us the fantastic talent of the person who converts makeup into a true art.

The girl chameleon in front of the house of the poet Korean Han Yong-a

The shapes and shadows complicated not stopping the artist

Nails “hairy” Dain Yoon have already become a success

For her works the artist uses acrylic paint, makeup for performance and cosmetic products common

To blend with the background, the girl makes herself up in front of the mirror under a certain angle

Dain Yoon loves to draw since she was a child

Has art education. This helps you to create complicated drawings in the body and on the face

Here the girl painted the wall and drew a picture of herself in the tea

In some looks it is difficult to distinguish the real face of the girl

Can you guess the first where your arms are authentic?

Sometimes, creating a look again, it takes almost the whole day

The result are puzzles photo, where it is difficult to distinguish the reality

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