18 Images of vegetables that look too human to eat

Fruits and vegetables sometimes have ways very strange. Very often, these beautiful natural creations not even reach the supermarkets because of its shape unusual. In the united States, a staggering amount of 2.7 trillion pounds of veduras “ugly” are thrown in the trash each year. It is a pity, because its so rare is it that makes these vegetables are special, and even have silhouettes that make them look human.

Great.guru hopes you have fun and pass a good time when you see these pictures of vegetables and fruits imperfect that we have collected from the Internet. Check out the full list until the end and make sure you pay attention to those fun ways the next time that you prepare your soup or salad.

1. A carrot depressed thinking about their problems

2. Japanese radish very sophisticated

3. A little baby carrot hugging his mother

4. Peppers extremely scared

5. Walk horseradish

6. Hugs from eggplant free

7. It is escaping!

8. A fabulous broccoli strong

9. A carrot bodybuilder

10. The creepy pickle

11. Health, mr. pepper

12. Everything is alright!

13. Face plant

14. Broccoli marathon

15. “I just stepped in a tomato”

16. The strawberry explore the world with their eyes wide open

17. A pepper grumpy

18. Bonus:

Pears in the form of Buddha are in great demand in China, as it is believed to bring good luck. Are cultured by placing fruit in different ways when they are small, and this technique is widely used to make cucumbers that look like stars, squared watermelons and potatoes in the shape of a heart.

What plant from the list you liked the most? Have you noticed also vegetables and fruits with odd shapes in the supermarket? Please share with us your opinions and photos of your findings in the comments below!

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