18 Retirees eternally young people who collapse all of our concepts about old age

Have you heard of the happiness index? According to the observations of scientists, declines throughout life, from youth until the age of 50. But then begins to grow again and reaches its maximum at the 70.

In Great.guru , we decided to conduct a small research and found many inspiring stories about life after 50.

Cindy Joseph, 63, model

The successful makeup artist was 46 years old when unexpectedly invited to participate in a advertising of Dolce & Gabbana. In the past 20 years he has worked with many brands and famous magazines. And created their own cosmetics brand, Boom.

When Cindy asked what is her secret, she says that she loves yoga, vegetables, and fruits, and also adds: “oh,The joy of living is the best cosmetics for women of all ages!”

Lloyd Kahn, 82 years old, skater

Don Lloyd decided to get on a skateboard for the first time at 65 years old! Before that, the californian had been dedicated for 40 years to run and surf. Although the first attempt of the brand-new skater ended up with an injury, he did not leave the table but, following the advice of skaters experienced, he began to use protection.

And already has spent 17 years skating with their new friends. In addition, Kahn writes books and built an unusual Eco House. “Age is an invention of the people. Don’t give in to the pressure of the years. You find something interesting. Life is not routine when you’re happy”.

Philippe Dumas, 60 years old, model

Does the age have any limitations? Look at Philippe, of Paris. Always dreamed of being a model, but for 30 years he worked as a manager in a production company. One day he took a chance and posted a picture in a social network, signing: “Retired, but not given up. I do the last attempt to realize my old dream: to become a model. Do you think that there is a chance?”

Six months later, had contracts with major brands and fashion magazines. Didn’t have the time. “I think every time more often that aging is not so bad”.

Sarah “Paddy” Jones, 83 years old, dancer

Sarah danced from age 2, but her husband did not approve of too much of their hobby. She has 4 children, 7 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson. Routine, routine, routine… And at the age of 70 years, Jones decided to fulfill his dream. He enrolled at the academy of Nicolas Espinosa, where he studied flamenco and salsa. His duet with Nicholas won a prize of €100 thousand in a talent contest!

Since then, Paddy has traveled all over the world, leading to applause of admiration. In addition, she and Nick like to play jokes.

Ajda pekkan do, 71, singer

At the beginning of her acting career, She destroyed the stereotypes about the image to modest of a woman in the Middle East. In 1980 he participated in Eurovision Song Contest, she posed in a bikini for magazine covers, he studied in France and speaks several languages. The singer is determined to stay young for many more years, and in the modern world there are many possibilities to do so.

Pekkan do take advantage of this with a lot of skill. The star shares photos striking in the social networks and also says that he still does not lose hope of having children.

Cypora Salomon, 67 years old, hair stylist, painter, model

Cypora Salomon has a personality and eye-catching. Is a professor of design in New York, Los Angeles and other parts of the world, collaborated with major clothing brands. It appears often in the pages of the New York Times and Vogue. He was the face of an advertising campaign of Lanvin. Salomon is in a constant creative process, and he also collects antiques and jewelry of the period.

“The dress, it is as if you were painting a picture: the image appears in my head and my painting is the clothes and the accessories,” he says. Cypora never leaves home without a hat and a red lipstick.

Pat and Alicia Moorehead, 86 and 71 years old, parajumpers

This couple radiates inspiration! Pat celebrated his 80th birthday in a very original way: I jumped with a parachute 80 times! This extravagance air lasted 6 hours and a half. But he says his biggest hobby is his wife.

Pat and Alicia travel non-stop, going from one country to another. Your goal is to know the essence of all the cities of the planet. Have already been in more than 180 countries.

Tsutomu Tohsaka, 82 years old, bodybuilder

The retired bodybuilder japanese, multiple winner of championships in the group, a senior figure in the Guinness Book of world Records. In the photo above 76 years old. You are sure that the training helps to prolong the youth of the body and its motto is: “Everyone can stay young and healthy if you train once in a while”.

Greta Pontarelli, 66-year-old dancer “pole dance”

Greta began to learn Pole Dance to the 59-year-old to beat osteoporosis. The principle just stated YouTube and I tried, and then began to take classes. The coach, seeing that she could not even get to the bar, he thought that Greta he would not return.

“Now I train 2 hours per day. Within 20 minutes they begin to act on the endorphins, and since I can not stop,” he says. The videos of Greta inspire women all over the planet.

Gary Player, 82-year-old golfer

Gary Player, Johannesburg, is recognized as the best golfer of all time. It is the only one that managed to win the British Open in Golf for over 30 years. Gary has many other titles: Black Knight, Mr. Fitness and the international ambassador of golf. Your club creates golf courses are incredibly beautiful in all the world.

Oh Gary brings 60 years of married and has 6 children! Their motto is: “The more I train, the more luck I have”.

Ernestine Shepherd, 80 years old, bodybuilder

Ernestine started training at 56 years of age, after having seen in the mirror of a store of swimwear to a “secretary mature and fill”. At first, he trained with his sister, but she died suddenly and Shepherd increased the demand on your memory. The constant training and healthy diet helped Ernestine to build a new body.

She takes no medication, runs 16 miles, then trains an hour and a half in the gym and then does training for women of advanced age. And her husband, with whom I have celebrated the golden wedding, he jokes that in the past 20 years has had to chase more often to the boys.

Gao Mingyuan, 72 years

Gao worked all his life in a factory, and when he became retired, he noticed that her body ached all over. I didn’t know how to get rid of the pain. But the popular chinese book “stretching cun extends the life to 10 years” came by chance to his hands. Cun is a measure of length: 1 cun is equal to 3.3 centimeters. Then he understood that you can begin to stretch and improve health at any age.

Then found fellow training in the park Tiantan. Now everyone is going to see Miyuan and open legs. “When there is health, all the days are fun,” he says.

Murphy Grye, 82 years old, tennis player

“I have a very positive attitude. I don’t do anything negative,” jokes Murphy. He began to devote himself to tennis at the age of 14, then became the president of the club. “I don’t think age is a factor. I don’t care. When mature, know yourself, know what you want and learn to say ’no’ to what you don’t like it”.

She met her second husband after age 80 years. Already celebrated the wedding. The secret of Grye is simple: “Be positive and never give up.”

Johanna Quaas, 91, this year re-entered in the Guinness Book of world Records

Johanna was born into a family of gymnasts. But when I was little, don’t forecast a good future in gymnastics and is dedicated to handball. The 30-year-old returned to dedicate to the gym to stay in shape. At the same time, he graduated from the university, trained coaches, and published a book dedicated to the gym.

The 57-year-old Quaas resumed its presentations at meetings of veterans. And years later entered the Guinness Book of Records as the gymnast active oldest in the world.

Sue Kreitzman, 77 years old, a painter who protest against the beige

Sue describes herself as “a woman for anything greater, just well disguised as one.” He devoted himself to music, he taught children and wrote books of culinary. But at the age of 70 years decided to change his successful career as a writer by the way of painting. And do not repent.

His charm is his protest against sadness and your phrases could make a good anthology ironic:

  • “I don’t seen to follow the fashion, porto about me art”.
  • “The good taste is highly overrated. I would never use a necklace of pearls. You start to get some pearls and a suit of beige, and a moment later yaces in a coffin”.
  • “I don’t understand what it means to ’dress according to the age.’ If you have beautiful legs, I wear short skirts!”

Paul Mason, 52 years old, model

Paul dedicated his whole life to his business. And if in his youth he thought that he would retire at 40, now you don’t have to worry about. The main thing is to be fit, happy and surprise this world more often.

By the way, is precisely what Mason is doing at this time: he returned to participate in the project, Yorkdale Mall, in which the usual Santa unexpectedly appears as a hipster fashion. Paul joked saying that your character can also be “sexy”. By the way, the “new Santa” doesn’t seem to have a pot belly big.

Barbara Beskind, age 91, inventor

They say that in the Valley of Silicon only works for young people. Perhaps. But also Barbara Beskind. Already at the age of 10, during the Great Depression, he learned to make toys for herself. In 1945, he became a nurse and was rehabilitative in the army for 44 years. “The service teaches organization and perseverance, these qualities help a lot when you start to get older,” she confesses.

After retiring, he opened a doctor’s office and patented 6 rehabilitative devices. And then he saw an ad of IDEO and sent them your resume. In the company were surprised and invited Barbara to a meeting. Since then is its employee is indispensable and has already created several new devices.

Their motto is: “creativity is the elixir of youth”.

Yasmina Rossi, a 61-year-old model

Yasmin Rossi, born in France, did not immediately became a model successful in the united States. First she raised her children and then waited the arrival of their grandchildren. After the 40 did your steps, but the real fame came to him at the age of 57. Now Yasmine is the face of Marks & Spencer and also makes advertisements from other brands.

“I don’t have any special secret. As organic vegetables, fruits, meat and fish long before it became a trend. I make a scrub with olive oil for my skin and use rapeseed oil for my hair.”

Robert Marchand, aged 105 years, cyclist

Marchand, of 105 years, is a true French. Likes to enjoy life, that’s why upon retiring, she immediately began to ride a bike. And were taken seriously!

Recently, Robert established the third world record, after having made 22,5 kilometers in an hour. And, by the way, has no intentions of stopping there. “In the last 5 years, I decided not to do more than 100 miles at a time. I don’t want to sobrepasarme, because I want to continue using the bike for many more years.”

When asked if he had used drugs to set the record, Robert replied: “Yes, I used drugs: a tablespoon of honey into a water bottle that I carry with me”.


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