18 Dogs who were put to guard the garden, but did not explain how to do it. This is why they conquer you with their charm!

Probably several times have you seen the plate with the phrase “Beware of the dog”, but in reality it turned out that the garden was guarded by a hound quite tender and communicative. And even not only don’t watch out… There are situations in which he has you afraid, or is willing to lamerte to death.

Great.guru will try to prove that the inscriptions on fences do not always coincide with the reality and that not all dogs bite.

Careful with this dog: you’ll love it. Instantly!

“Beware of the dog”.

“Do you want tea with biscuits? Now you bring”

“Beware of dog, enter at your own risk”.

“Let go of the yard, bad man! I’m scared!”

Do not believe him, he will only attract to the yard to attack you…

“Beware of the dog”.

“I will be a real dog police! But later…”

“Baby-sitting the fence. But here they wander around unknown people”

A dog Greek very dangerous

“Beware of the dog”.

Even the guards serious they like to take in the sun

“Beware of the dog”.

Look closely. This dog bravo just destroy your mattress!

“Beware of the dog”.

When the guard gets bored

“Hey, friend! Do not want to play ball with me?”

“Beware of the dog”.

Did you think that a Shepherd caucasian could not be tender?

“Bad dog”.

“I watch 3 planks in the fence and a brick”

I already stopped all the criminals and now it is time to embrace us!

“I am bad, very bad… and it seems that I got stuck”

“Beware of the dog”.

“Owner, I will cover you from behind”

“Jack is on vacation, I will be in your place”

“Beware of the dog”.

“But I’m not a dog of vigilance, I love… maybe I’ll just sit here”

Have you had the opportunity to deal with guard dogs, tender and charming?

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