18 People who find reasons to laugh in any situation

Know how to escape from a complicated situation in a nice way and just laugh at yourself is a true work of art.

Great.guru collected stories for you where people have this perfect gift.

Josh Sundquist lost his leg. Every year invents costumes extroverts for Halloween

Four friends sikh dress up for Halloween

This woman lost the arm in an accident. So you see your profile on Tinder

This will happen with those that in November to start talking about the New Year

This pilot jokes with the passengers at the airport

“My wife finally went and made the dinner that I had dreamed of”

So, it’s good!

The guards also make jokes

This doctor was trapped in an elevator and not get bored narrated the story of his survival

The snowmen can be different

This guy thought of everything in advance when I took the photo in the album school

A harsh reality!

So it has to run in a marathon

“I received the best personal card of a guy who flirted with my wife”

“Assess my progress in art”

At least some puzzle school were helpful!

A guy disguised himself as an employee of a supermecado for Halloween and put it to work

“We organized a competition with the boss to see who had the sweater more ugly”

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