18 People who took the preparation for the winter holidays to a new level

The holidays are the time of true miracles, costumes colorful, original holiday gifts and decorations fantastic. It is the time when we let fly our imagination and express ourselves to the maximum: using hairstyles, decorating trees and doing small acts of kindness that we’ve not managed to do during the year.

Great.guru has collected 20 photos of people who reminded us how to enjoy the festivities.

These guys reminded us what the spirit of christmas

“I met this guy at the airport when I was going to take a flight home for Christmas. Now we are best friends”

“So it was as my girlfriend wrapped their gifts. I love you!”

“I bought my brother a mower, I did a cover and I packed as well”

All pets deserve something warm

“At the end of my shift at the restaurant where I work came to breakfast this family tender. It is a true Christmas”

This paper has two leaves with paper wrapper. So you see the concern for the customers

“For Christmas my grandfather gave me a cup to make the fire in the form of the Death Star”

“We spend all the money that we had saved for the tree to take from the hostel to this beauty”

“My father-in-law 61-year-old 50 had not received toys for Christmas. Now you are assembling your tractor Lego. Look how happy he looks”

The creator of this “miracle” challenged the snowmen standard and boring

You don’t need to have a house in the country to have pretty baubles and colorful. Some manage to put in a simple balcony

Or even in the elevator of their homes

“My brother-in-law, father of two daughters, by calculating the money spent, the morning after Christmas, in the costume chosen for your girls”

“Finally, I finished decorating the house and yard for the holidays! It was not easy”

When you ask your friend to come pick you up at the airport on Christmas eve

“I think I bought a tree too high”

And if you don’t have a tree, you can replace it by a pile of dirty clothes. Because what is important is the environment and the encouragement!

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