18 People who got bored of talking on the Internet and decided to draw one to the other

For nearly 20 years, the Internet helps you to meet all types of people and find those who share your point of view. This time Great.guru found a forum with people who upload their photos and ask for someone to draw. And the artists that frequent this forum happy to meet your requests.

We loved that most of them undertake these tasks with a lot of fantasy and humor. The last artist of our selection even showed a black humor.

“Can someone draw me in the style of Steampunk? At the same time, help me choose a costume for Halloween.”

“I don’t know if I am so great or the menu is so small. Draw, please, how do I find here the bacon”.

“My niece and myself. I pushed it in her cupcake”.

“My daughter dancing in the sunset”.

“We are demonstrating how strong is our marriage.”

“My father-in-law and his savage lion”.

—It draws the broad smile of my daughter!

—I made a graffiti with your daughter, okay?

“My nephew fell asleep in his ’boat’. Someone, please, express your fantasy on paper.”

“Draw, please, my wife and my cat.”

“My dog, Porter, and I work in a bar, I would like someone to draw it as if it were a bartender”.

“Yesterday, my wife played for a beluga whale”.

“I was arrested last summer and this photo came out in the news. I think this painting would look great in my living room, could you draw it?”.

“My son and I are trying out a Halloween costume”.

“Me and my dog Dex, destroyer of the snow balls”.

“My nephew dressed as the painter Bob Ross, and my niece dressed up as a tree.”

“I think my father and his cat are perfect for anyone to draw”.

“Oh, I protect my family from the monsters! Please, keep the excitement of my wife.”

“He is my friend with their feathered friend”.

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