18 Advertisements which made the competition weep with envy

In the ocean of advertising, sometimes you can find true pearls, whose ideas and execution are admirable, as is the imagination of its creators.

Great.guru gathered new examples of advertising that surely you will remember for a long time. What a great!!!

Advertising is art

This is how you have to play the music

“You’re not you when you’re hungry”

“No one cultivates muddled as Heinz”

Do you recognize it?

“Unleash the chaos”

The coffee that wakes up in the morning

A smile 🙂

“Mcdonald’s will solve the problem with your little monster”

The most important thing is the imagination

“Free your skin”

Stain remover with an impeccable reputation

Bananas approved

With this remedy of self-defense you’re safe

There is nothing more natural than the colors of this dye

If you see the shadow of a dragon, waiting for the new season of “Game of thrones”

Everything is different when you have a dog

“Sorry, did you choose the smartphone wrong.”

After that women in Saudi Arabia are allowed to have a license to drive, Ford pulled out this advertising

Bonus. Advertising should not cost hundreds of dollars to call attention of the crowds

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