18 Amazing facts about the human body that doctors do not usually talk

Our body is a perfect machine that makes thousands of processes every minute, while, for example, read this article. And even, we suspect the majority of them.

Great.guru brings to you some amazing facts about the human body that you might like to see.

  • Newborns do not have patella. Its function is fulfilled by a soft cartilage that gets hard to the age of 3 years.
  • The human cornea is the only part of our body that does not receive oxygen through the blood system, but takes them directly from the air.
  • It will be impossible for you to laugh and making you tickle yourself. It is because the cerebellum sends commands to other parts of the brain to ignore these actions.
  • The human brain consumes 20 percent of the oxygen that enters the body, as well as a 50 percent glucose. In addition, it requires 20 percent of energy to ensure its operation. And, by the way, the famous myth that we use only 10 percent of the brain is a fairy tale, because in reality all parts of this vital organ, are almost always active.
  • The “blindness of snow” is a phenomenon that occurs when the person loses the ability to see by the light too bright.
  • Most people breathe with only one nostril for a certain period of time. The change of the pit “main” happens approximately every 4 hours.
  • The 25 per cent of the muscles that we have are in the face and neck. Thanks to this, the human being has so many facial expressions.

  • Our brain can produce the amount of energy needed to light a bulb.

  • A newborn baby has over 270 bones in their skeleton. With the passing of time some of them join to get the number average of 206 in an adult.

  • Despite many popular opinions about the color blindness as a male disease, there is a 0.4 per cent of women who also suffers (to compare, among men, the percentage ranges between 2 and 8 percent). But yes, it is true that the gene for color blindness what is transferred is only the mothers.
  • The life cycle of a human hair lasts between 2 and 5 years and some hairs can reach up to last 7 years.
  • The human heart in a year it pumps so much blood that he could reach to fill an olympic size swimming pool (2.5 million liters) and to this makes 38.5 million of contractions.
  • Our skin is regenerated every 28 days, this means that in all our life “moved” about 40 pounds of skin.
  • To take a single step it is necessary to contract and relax more than 200 muscles in a certain sequence. The number may vary a bit, depending on anatomical characteristics, but the essence remains the same.
  • The liver is one of the few organs that can regenerate the original size even with only 25 per cent of the normal tissue remaining.

These were just some of the mysteries and incredible possibilities of the human body. So you know, if you did it take 2 minutes to read this article, your eyes parpadearon about 40 times.

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