18 Areas of games that are not playing

When people think of areas of games, usually, remember all the fun times that he lived in his childhood. However, not all areas of the game are the same. Some designers strive too much and others not at all.

In Great.guru we have discovered some of the failures in the areas of games, more ridiculous, and we want to share them with you.

1. Remember to keep your legs together when you get low for this slide!

2. A slide a little disturbing

3. Down the rabbit hole… I Thought that was going to be smaller

4. Great offer of 2 for 1: a games area and a biology class

5. I’m sorry, children, but the fun today is cancelled

6. Other slides: ¡Wiiiii! This slide: Wi…

7. It is a little tight, but the kids are small, right?

8. The area of games more solitary

9. Do not be afraid! This small puertita grabs you. Just make sure you don’t stick those spikes

10. The best test in the world: if you can tolerate the worst part of this slide, you deserve to enjoy your best part (despite the fact that it is very short)

11. At least there’s a puddle to soften your fall

12. A nice swing for a shy child and her imaginary friend

13. To me that should not be seen as well. Although… who knows?

14. Are you ready? I drop down on!

15. When you want your child to have fun… but not too much:

16. In soviet Russia, children were not trash. The crap out of them

17. Ohh, Spongebob, my old friend… Wait, what?

18. Some children prefer peace and quiet while they play

Do any of these places made you laugh or were you surprised? Do you think that these errors were accidental or that the designers knew exactly what they were doing? I feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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