19 Cases in which people are photographed things totally unexpected

The world is full of amazing things. There is just so much that we have never seen and will likely never see with our own eyes!

Great.guru made a selection of photos appropriate, taken at the right time.

All the colors of the fire

Soap after heating it in the microwave

A cup of the 1880’s to the men with a moustache

A tomato rotten that just let their seeds, and housing

A book after being immersed in liquid nitrogen

A little bird Korean

Tree that looks more like a broccoli

A plant that is not allowed to flourish itself

Pizza with a pizza

A tree after the explosion of a fire hydrant

Avocado with a small bone

For lovers of donuts huge

A sheep shaved to half

All the bottles have the same whisky. The difference is in aging: drink in each bottle after that is a year more aged than the previous one

It is only a tree of pelicans

This man was cutting his grass and found a grasshopper pink

The ring that was used for the first flat in “the lord of The rings”

This guy found a “mat” tiny for your mouse in your school

Through these lenses, the lights seem to be a few dolls gingerbread

Have you seen something just as strange? Write to us and send your photos of objects, and the incredible phenomena in the comments.

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