19 everyday Things we’ve all done it at least once

Although each one of us has different experiences, points of view and circumstances of life, there are moments in which we act the same way. For example, who did not like when I was a child bite into the freshly made bread on the way from the store?

Great.guru chose 19 situations over which 90 percent of the people would say: “oh, it sounds to Me!” We bet you surely are one of them!

Wanted to take photo to your friends, but accidentally you were getting a photo with the front camera

Ye were come forth out of the shower and you realize that you’ve forgotten the towel

All you ever try to make a beautiful selfie with our mascot

—Do you want a cake?
—No, thanks, I’m on a diet.

Within 10 minutes:

All at least once we tried to contain inappropriate laughter

You tried sleeping the baby, but it was all in vain

You thought to yourself: “I was not”

Heard your voice in the recording, and you wonder why you have friends

You tried to avoid eye contact when the professor was asking questions

You did a shower and suddenly heard some noise, even if you were home alone

Fingiste not recognize someone and simulaste you were typing a message

Just tried to start to eat well and have failed again

“Oh, I don’t need a basket!”

6 minutes later:

If in the store someone was standing in front of the product that you needed, fingiste look at something more

You helped as you could

You visited your parents for the holidays and you avergonzaste when your mom bragged about you to family members

You thought: “why don’t you laugh?”

Tarareaste your favorite song and when you it seemed that you did well, cantaste with a high note and immediately lamentaste

Having taken something, you spoke about your life, even if nobody had asked

What do you say? Do our assumptions proved to be correct?

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