19 strange Things with which you may come across only in India

India is one of the most interesting countries of the world: impacts by its contrasts, surprises with its traditions and culture remains a mystery to most foreigners.

Great.guru brings to you today 19 fun facts about the country of the spices that you disclose to India through a prism completely different.

19. In India is produced by six stations of the year

According to the hindu calendar, which follows the majority of inhabitants of the country, India has 6 seasons: summer, autumn, winter, spring, monsoon season and the coming winter.

18. Gesture yes

In place of the, to us, familiar tilt of the head, its inhabitants, the swaying from side to side, which seems more a reproach (“eh, eh, eh”) that a “yes”.

17. In India we find the greatest number of people vegetarian

Vegetarianism is one of the traditional premises of hinduism. Therefore, around 60 percent of its inhabitants are vegetarians, which makes India to be the country’s greatest vegetarian of the world. Here also is recorded the lowest per capita meat consumption.

16. Its inhabitants make up the largest nation in the English-speaking world

India has two official languages: hindi and English. In addition, the authorities recognize 17 languages. In total, in the country is talking about to 1,650 dialects.

15. Polluted air

In all the large cities there is the problem of air pollution because of the bulk number of cars and their exhaust pipes. Hence comes the smog in their streets, and difficulty breathing among residents and visitors. Only one day in Bombay or Delhi is like smoking 100 cigarettes. According to the World Health Organization, in these cities die each year from lung cancer and asthma 1.5 million people.

14. In India profess the major religions of the world

Despite the fact that 80 per cent of the indian population follows hinduism in the country are represented in the major religions that we profess in the world. Here you can find christians, jews, buddhists, jains, sikhs and representatives of other religions.

13. The larger family of the world

12. Day of the Child

The Universal children’s Day is celebrated in India on November 14, exactly nine months after Valentine’s Day.

11. A special supplement by to have a moustache

The agents of the forces of law and order in India are offered a special supplement to their salary if they have a mustache. This idea is decided to implement under the argument that these whiskers provide police officers with strength and masculinity. In addition, they form an integral part of the folklore of india.

10. Restrictions of the indian currency

Foreigners are forbidden to smuggle out the local currency (rupee) from the country.

9. Identity card for the cows

8. The country of spices

7. Population

Currently, the population of India is about 1.5 billion people, which is more than in all of the western hemisphere of the Earth.

According to the UN, after a few years, the country can overtake China in terms of population.

6. Divorces

5. “Commands of love”

In India there is a “watchdog group,” especially under the name of “Commands of love”. It offers protection against the harassment of couples who belong to different castes.

4. A new use for the popular beverages

Farmers indians used the cola as an inexpensive alternative to the pesticides.

3. The gold, in the hands of female

2. Renouncing civilization

1. Cradle of chess

India is the birthplace of chess. The original name for this game is “chaturanga”, which means “four divisions of troops” (referring to the figures of bishops, horses, chariots and pawns).

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