19 Accounts from Instagram that emanate absurd, but just want to subscribe to them

They are all accustomed to the fact that the accounts of Instagram the greatest number of “likes” and subscribers together are the ones that publish photos of kittens, food, or life of luxury. But, as you know, there is no limit to the human imagination, and that’s why there are profiles in which published videos and photos uncommon and even somewhat rare. For example, on cutting soap, a few cats, rich, a skeleton and a ghost who live a life of normal human, or about the “King of the Motion Selfie”.

Great.guru reviewed Instagram and found 20 accounts strange and at the same time popular that make you smile, and sometimes confuse, and offer a new perspective of reality.


For the account @cashcats only pose the cats VIP, and only surrounded by wads of dollars, expensive jewelry and alcohol elite. When I look at these photos, many users come to have the impression that most of the cats @cashcats live better than them.

The number of subscribers to this account is 159 thousand.

King of the Motion Selfie

Benny Winfield Jr., 41-year-old, known throughout the world under the pseudonym of @MrPimpGoodGame, is a typical american who lives the life of an assistant support service and tutoring children. On the Internet, Benny is also known as the “King of the Motion Selfie”: only put in your account photos of his face, and has already published more than 2200! The only difference is the background, the frame of the photos does not change: he is always smiling Benny.

In total, Benny has 117 thousand subscribers.

Men waiting for their wives during shopping

The funny account @miserable_men shows the torment of men who are forced to be on the side of their wives during shopping. And judging by the pictures posted, go with the wives to the shops is a real test for the men.

In total, this account has 317 thousand subscribers.

“Dear silbadores”

A student from Amsterdam, Noa Jansma, began on Instagram account with a fun name: “Dear silbadores”. As well, Noa decided to support other women who were accustomed to tolerate the harassment of strange men that would whistle or yell out indecent proposals while they simply walk down the street. Noa began to publish selfies with the men who wanted to know it in order to maintain a relationship “frivolous”.

This account has already gathered more than 330 thousand subscribers

Description instead of photos

“The photo of my cat asleep on your bed”

@satiregram is an account for fun that is dedicated to the cliché of Instagram. The author publishes materials about cats, food, selfies and other photos that tired so have us all. Only instead of showing the photos themselves, publish their descriptions, made on pieces of paper. So the author ridicules those users that continue to publish photos that are not of interest to anyone.

Despite the fact that the account is quite rare, there are 166 thousand people written to it.

The dog more stylish

The account @mensweardog belongs to the “dog the most elegant in the world”. It is as well as Jena Kim qualifies his dog Bodhi, a Shiba Inu. One day, out of pure boredom, she photographed her dog with clothes and posted a picture on the Internet. As a result, something that started as a mere entertainment, became a profitable business, as the marks of the likes of Barney’s, YSL, Zara, Salvatore Ferragamo, ASOS and Todd Snyder put the eye in the dog with style. The Bodhi is a fashion icon, it is a fact in that match, the Guardian, the New York Times and the Daily Mail.

Your account has more than 350 thousand subscribers.

Dr. Dolittle

Allan Dixon, who in Instagram’s hiding under the nickname @daxon, is a true adventurer, able to find a common language with any animal. Allan poses with animals in almost all of their photos. Perhaps you’re not a real doctor Doolittle?

About 555 thousand subscribers remain in the communion of Allan with the wild nature.

The fake brother of Kendall Jenner

A fellow named Kirby Jenner decided to show the world that he was the brother of Kendall Jenner. For that, Kirby posted in your account, photos in the that is next to the famous representative of the family Kardashian. The truth is that Kirby is not the brother of Kendall, and just has a great knowledge of photoshop that allows you to insert cleverly his image in the photos of the young man.

Don Kirby Jenner has 850 thousand subscribers!

Selfie painted

What can be more banal than a selfie in the bathroom? But the Norwegian artist, Helen Meldal discovered how to make these shots are original and memorable. For this, before taking a photo, the young woman painted the mirror with gouache, and your selfies are transported to a new reality: a forest, Paris, between sunflowers or hugging a teddy bear.

Your account @mirrorsme already has 145 thousand subscribers.

A ghost on Instagram

More than 100 thousand people are interested in the life of a… ghost. The lord Bu lives in Spain, travels and enjoys life as a common person. When asked if he was a ghost or a human, the lord Bu replied: “of course I’m a ghost. If you were a common person, perhaps I would put a bed sheet and walk the streets?”.

The skeleton Skellie

To those who were not impressed with mr. Bu, and maybe they’ll like the skeleton Skellie. Judging by the amount of pictures, the life of Skellie is much richer than that of many of us. And it all began when a young woman named Herlihy, Toronto, photographed a skeleton that was a Halloween decoration, with a cocktail in hand. When the post received more likes than the rest in your profile, decided to open Skellie a separate account.

To date, 255 thousand people have subscribed to the skeleton.

My day with Leo

The account of the blogger fashion, Johnny Strong, of New York, stands out among others thanks to the celebrities. Johnny post photos of your daily life, but with a slight adjustment: the blogger replaces the faces of the passers-by and friends for the star, cut out of newspapers and magazines.

The first character of your photographic project was Leonardo DiCaprio, so that the account is called: @mydaywithleo (“My day with Leo”). By the way, has 166 thousand subscribers

Tile floors

The artist of photography by German, Sebastian Erras, he travels the world, takes photos of mosaic floors and other beautiful flooring and uploads it to your account @parisianfloors. And it all started after an artistic journey to the French capital, where Sebastian was brought in a collection full of stunning photographs called “flats in paris”.

166 thousand people admire the magnificent floors and, as they are the shoes extravagant in the photographer.

Sand kinetic calming

Of the accounts that published the videos genre #asmr, there is that talk aside. ASMR means “reaction sensory southern autonomous”. In a nutshell, is a term that defines anything that may cause a person “goose bumps”: a pleasant sound, a whisper, a caress, you see any process relaxing. In total, with this hashtag, there are almost 3.2 million of posts on Instagram.

In the end, sure that many of you have ever found a video that made different manipulations with the sand kinetics that, in the majority of cases, is short. The account of this most popular type is @sand.tagious. Hundreds of thousands of people admire your videos on the the sand kinetics is cut, grated, squeezed, scraped with a spoon, crushes, etc

The number of subscribers of this account is of 528 thousand.

Soap soothing

In the account @asmr_soap_princess, two girls from Russia cut off aesthetically with a knife the soap, which in turn captivates the audience, and remains equally pleasant to the ear than to the eye. Users claim that this show is incredibly soothing for the nerves.

A total of 413 thousand fans of the soap have subscribed to the account.

The slime relaxing

Judging by the number of subscribers of the account @slime_og, nothing relaxes people more than to see the manipulations with the slime (also called moco gorilla). I must admit that as I watched the videos of slime in the process of preparing this article, I too was glued to the screen for a while. It really is relaxing, and everything that happens around it becomes a soft background noise.

There are a total of 955 thousand subscribers to this account.

Mixture of paintings

In the account @paintvideos, are published videos of a process that is likely to be the most relaxing of all, that it is impossible to miss: the mixing of paints.

That they think about 203 thousand subscribers.

Bath bombs, effervescent

At least to 74 thousand people, to see how the bath bombs dissolve in the water it is a real pleasure. The user with the pseudonym @dollarbathbombsl upload the videos that show that process.

Melt, cut, look

The creator of the account @watch.it.melt thought that people would like to see how he melts or cut in two with a knife red-hot different objects. Sometimes it looks scary, but in the case of the wax that melts in the lamp-aromatic, it is nice to see.

It is what they believe more than 100 thousand subscribers.

P. D.: In the process of searching for accounts strange on Instagram, we’ve met with some who put us the creeps. For example, in one account there are videos with a young-looking asian who takes any product from bakery, puts it on the table, knead it gently, and then stands on his face and begins to drag it with the face here and there. In another account, there are videos of people eating ice of different shapes and colors. Despite the fact that those accounts have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, we decided not to include them on our list, in order to preserve your mental health.

What do you do accounts Instagram rare you know?

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