19 Photos that everyone received for Christmas something that I could not even dream of

Christmas is the time of miracles, small and large. Surely we all hold a special moment in our hearts, full of magic.

Great.guru gathered for you some amazing pictures that reflect all the wonder of the christmas gifts.

19. When your human gives you a gift, just for you

18. Christmas 1998 was the best of all

17. “I told my brother that he could not buy expensive gifts because I just reached for the food. In the morning I found this.”

16. “For a week my wife hid me the sex of our baby. Today I learned that we’re going to have a girl. I am the happiest person in the world! Merry Christmas!”

15. Unforgettable sensations

14. This is how we see the expectations failed

13. When your wife expects an accessory to the party

12. When you give away a steak and you can’t believe it

11. “See the face of my father: I will just give you an Xbox for Christmas”

10. This little dog has waited 8 months to find your home

9. “My mom made him a sweater to my cat for Christmas, I loved it!”

8. When the Universe will read your mind

7. I am very grateful, no doubt. But, do I open it?

6. Please do not invent, is it just me?

5. This guy gave his girlfriend a favorite toy of his childhood, that he had lost

4. You can’t hide from the children. You will become a gift even if you don’t want.

3. The surprises are never too many

2. When you know your granddaughter as expected

1. For many, the gadgets are still the best gift

Bonus: the cat was also hoping for a Playstation for Christmas

It tell us what was the best gift you have given!

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