19 Photos that show that the human spirit is capable of doing miracles

In life not everything is so simple and we all expect certain tests. Some know how to enjoy them, while others end up in such situations without wanting to. But in any case, what helps us to overcome the circumstances are the strength of will and constancy, without which it is so easy to get overwhelmed and go with the flow.

In Great.guru we select for you 19 photos of people who managed to overcome his fear and became stronger. Get inspired!

Participant of a competition motocross

This man tries to walk on a wire at a height of 500 meters in Castle Valley

A girl sick with cancer fight their disease with the help of the mountaineering end

This man completed his journey of 49 days to cross the atlantic. During all that time he was alone on his boat and spent 16 hours a day driving his boat: he managed to impose a world record

Have a source of water own was a dream of the mountainous area of Guizhou. Thanks to the persistence of this person, the dream became a reality. We helped people in the village, and in 36 years together they managed to dig an irrigation canal of 9400 meters

The indomitable spirit of this person helped him to survive years of training courses at night and work full time to support his family. Today ended school.

Months of training and a will of steel helped this former dancer not only to regain mobility and not using a cane after the amputation, but also to return to dance

Climbers resting in the mount The Captain

Photographer risks, I took a picture of a cobra grated very poisonous

A diver with a tiger shark in the area of the Bahamas islands

Dancer recovers after his injury

Climbers scaling one of Everest’s glaciers that can collapse at any minute

A mom with a small child in the back working on a rice field in Vietnam

In childhood this girl had cerebral palsy and the doctors believed that he wouldn’t survive. But thanks to the sport and the strength of will managed to beat their disease

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