19 Photos that show that strange coincidences are a common thing on this planet

Sometimes, life can present coincidences so blatant that give us the impression that we are trapped within some kind of video game is full of technical failures.

Great.guru wants to share with you 19 cases of deja vu that will make you wonder if we are living secretly in the matrix.

When behind you is another you

Travel companions

Gandalf and Dumbledore are traveling in the same bus

Conveyor belt of police officers

Three customers identical at a coffee shop

The seven wonders of the world

How is it possible?

These trees are very well taken care of

An army of blondes

Take a look at the plates. What madness, isn’t it?

Is it a window or a mirror?

Convention of twins in the metro

Four strangers… with the same clothes

What is the probability of seeing something as well?

“I would like to report a bug in the matrix”

When you see double

Will it be a time traveler?

The outline of the nature

Bonus: Google Earth, please, just

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